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Monday, January 30, 2012

Family and Friends,

I don't know what else to say! Every week is the best! We had a lot of cancellations this week but that did not stop us from succeeding! We were able to teach many lessons and have many break through lessons with a lot of investigators! I want to talk about a few.

Richard and Teri are doing great! We were able to teach them twice this week. Their faith is so amazing! We were able to have a lesson on the Word of Wisdom! Richard and Teri are huge coffee and ice tea drinkers. So we knew this might be a little challenge. We met with them the first time and they kept their commitments. Both of them! They read up to 1 Nephi 15. As we were talking about what they read and what they thought of the Book of Mormon, Teri made a comment that stood out to me that helped teaching the Word of Wisdom. It was just a few words nothing to spectacular but makes a huge difference in the conversion process. She told us that Chapter 15 was a powerful chapter. Elder Anderson recognized that Teri has and is feeling the holy ghost as she is reading the Book of Mormon. When we taught them about the Word of Wisdom they were a little reluctant. They did not like the idea of giving up something. Not only giving up something but being told what to do. Right here shows if they are going to be qualified for baptism if they have a humble heart. As we invited them to keep the Word of Wisdom they were kind of fighting it a little. They understood perfectly the blessings of it and that it will make them healthier. Teri knows that if she can overcome coffee and Ice tea then that means there is nothing in her way for them getting baptized. She voiced that to us. We told her it is going to take some faith. I know since Teri felt the Holy Ghost when she read the Book of Mormon she already knows that it is true. So her spiritual mind overcame the carnal mind and both her and Richard committed to keep the Word of wisdom! We texted them the next morning that it is GO TIME!!! They told us they are substituting Coffee with Hot chocolate and Ice tea with water a wedge of lemon. I said fantastic! A couple days later they read a couple more chapters and we decided to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first principle of the Gospel is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We talked for a hour on this principle. For Richard it is hard for him to think that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary and that Jesus Christ is the literal son of God. When he thinks logically and realistically it is hard for him to fathom it. Elder Anderson bore an amazing testimony about the divine calling of Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He was given authority from God to do the things he did like healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead. After Elder Anderson bore his testimony Richard told us with a honest heart that he wants that same conviction and faith in Jesus Christ. For him and Teri it is hard for them to gain that faith. They envy our Faith. I then went through scriptures how we can gain faith. First is experiencing the Gospel and it teachings. Second, hearing the word of God. Lastly, reading the word of God. We turned to Alma 32 and talked about how the word of God is liken unto a seed. How if we put that seed into our heart and not cast it out by our unbelief that it will begin to grow and swell within your heart. As you feel these swelling motions you will know that the seed is good and you will want to nourish it. It is not a perfect knowledge. But you know that it is good. We helped them recognize the good things that have been happening to them since we have been meeting together. They mentioned that they are spending more family time together. Usually they are doing different things at different times but now they get to read the Book of Mormon and discuss it. They always love it when we come over and discuss things that bring them happiness. They love us! It is because we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we are delivering the good news. They felt that and recognized it. It was a great lesson according to their needs. They are going to be numbered with the saints pretty soon. I love them, their son, and even their dog Nina.

Another amazing person I want to talk about is Christine! I told all of you last time about her amazing story and conversion. We were able to finish all the lessons and committed to keep all the commandments to prepare her for baptism. She is a smart girl and is really excited to get baptized. She does not have that much support. Only her mom and dad are coming to the baptism but the ward family of Anaheim 10th ward is going to step in and do the job. I was asked by Christine to baptize her and I felt very honored that she would want me to do it. I actually was suprised. Elder Anderson is going to confirm her a member the next day in church. I am so excited for her baptism. We have worked with her for 5 months and just like in D&C 103:36 "All victory and glory shall come to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." I want to testify to you that this is true and I am so grateful that I get to see the fruits of my labors.

This upcoming week is going to be exciting! I am so grateful to be in this area! I am so happy and I love this work. This is the Lord's work and I am honored that I am part of it.

Elder Brown


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