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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Family and Friends,

This week was absolutely AWESOME! We had so many great things happen. We were able to find a family! We were able to get referrals from our Bishop to go see Richard & Terry. They are amazing people. We went over to their place and introduced ourselves. Right then and there they set up at time for us to come and have dinner. We were able to talk to them over dinner and had a Q & A session. They asked us all these questions about the rules and and how big of a commitment it really is. We explained to them that we will answer their questions through the lessons. They will come to know what the standards are to be able to get baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. I asked them what sparked an interest for allowing us to come in and hear about the gospel. They explained how they grew up Catholic but they feel void inside spiritually. They see the example of our new Bishop and his family and how happy they are. They told us missionaries they envy that. They want that and will do anything to get it. So we told them we could definitely help them with that. We were able to teach them a couple days later about the Restoration. They are so prepared. They are hungering for truth. They felt the spirit when we recited the first vision and they accepted baptism and they don’t doubt that Joseph Smith could be a Prophet. We were able to commit them to read the Book of Mormon. They also committed to read 10 chapters in like 2 – 3 days. Ya these people are for real. I hope that I am staying in this area when they get baptized!

On Saturday I was able to go back to Fullerton again! I was able to witness my boy Joe get baptized. He is in the Acacia Park ward, the one I was in for two transfers. He asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and I gladly accepted. I was able to see Elder Knight my long lost companion and reunite with him. He is doing great in Garden Grove. The Spirit was so strong at the Baptism. It was Phenomenal! There were like 16 missionaries there supporting Joe. It was awesome. I got to see Elder Alshengiti, Elder T. Brown, and Elder Sumsion! I Love those missionaries.

I was having a rough night Saturday! We have so many investigators that are interested and so close to being baptized. We had like 15 scheduled appointments and more than half of those got cancelled on us. It was really frustrating and I was trying to figure out why people were just throwing us under the bus. I was feeling down. I prayed hard that things would turn around. The next morning, we had 11 of our investigators come to church. I was amazed! We were able to schedule appointments with every single one of them. This next week is going to be the bomb. They are so close and with the Holiday seasons done and over with they will be more focused.

Elder Anderson and I are having fun working hard. We have two more weeks until transfers and I hope that we stay together one more. Neither of us want to leave and we are so close with all of our investigators. I am so happy. I have never been so happy in my life. I Love this work. I know what I am doing is not only blessing other peoples life but also my own. I feel God's love as I go and serve. I love when I feel the Holy Ghost working through me. I Love Anaheim 10th ward. They are the best. I love my investigators. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is where it is at. It is what everyone is looking for! I am grateful to be the instrument in the Lords hands to give it to them. Thank you every one for your support, talk to you next week.

Elder Brown


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