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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

I Love the Lord's Work

Monday, January 30, 2012

Family and Friends,

I don't know what else to say! Every week is the best! We had a lot of cancellations this week but that did not stop us from succeeding! We were able to teach many lessons and have many break through lessons with a lot of investigators! I want to talk about a few.

Richard and Teri are doing great! We were able to teach them twice this week. Their faith is so amazing! We were able to have a lesson on the Word of Wisdom! Richard and Teri are huge coffee and ice tea drinkers. So we knew this might be a little challenge. We met with them the first time and they kept their commitments. Both of them! They read up to 1 Nephi 15. As we were talking about what they read and what they thought of the Book of Mormon, Teri made a comment that stood out to me that helped teaching the Word of Wisdom. It was just a few words nothing to spectacular but makes a huge difference in the conversion process. She told us that Chapter 15 was a powerful chapter. Elder Anderson recognized that Teri has and is feeling the holy ghost as she is reading the Book of Mormon. When we taught them about the Word of Wisdom they were a little reluctant. They did not like the idea of giving up something. Not only giving up something but being told what to do. Right here shows if they are going to be qualified for baptism if they have a humble heart. As we invited them to keep the Word of Wisdom they were kind of fighting it a little. They understood perfectly the blessings of it and that it will make them healthier. Teri knows that if she can overcome coffee and Ice tea then that means there is nothing in her way for them getting baptized. She voiced that to us. We told her it is going to take some faith. I know since Teri felt the Holy Ghost when she read the Book of Mormon she already knows that it is true. So her spiritual mind overcame the carnal mind and both her and Richard committed to keep the Word of wisdom! We texted them the next morning that it is GO TIME!!! They told us they are substituting Coffee with Hot chocolate and Ice tea with water a wedge of lemon. I said fantastic! A couple days later they read a couple more chapters and we decided to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first principle of the Gospel is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We talked for a hour on this principle. For Richard it is hard for him to think that Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary and that Jesus Christ is the literal son of God. When he thinks logically and realistically it is hard for him to fathom it. Elder Anderson bore an amazing testimony about the divine calling of Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He was given authority from God to do the things he did like healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead. After Elder Anderson bore his testimony Richard told us with a honest heart that he wants that same conviction and faith in Jesus Christ. For him and Teri it is hard for them to gain that faith. They envy our Faith. I then went through scriptures how we can gain faith. First is experiencing the Gospel and it teachings. Second, hearing the word of God. Lastly, reading the word of God. We turned to Alma 32 and talked about how the word of God is liken unto a seed. How if we put that seed into our heart and not cast it out by our unbelief that it will begin to grow and swell within your heart. As you feel these swelling motions you will know that the seed is good and you will want to nourish it. It is not a perfect knowledge. But you know that it is good. We helped them recognize the good things that have been happening to them since we have been meeting together. They mentioned that they are spending more family time together. Usually they are doing different things at different times but now they get to read the Book of Mormon and discuss it. They always love it when we come over and discuss things that bring them happiness. They love us! It is because we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we are delivering the good news. They felt that and recognized it. It was a great lesson according to their needs. They are going to be numbered with the saints pretty soon. I love them, their son, and even their dog Nina.

Another amazing person I want to talk about is Christine! I told all of you last time about her amazing story and conversion. We were able to finish all the lessons and committed to keep all the commandments to prepare her for baptism. She is a smart girl and is really excited to get baptized. She does not have that much support. Only her mom and dad are coming to the baptism but the ward family of Anaheim 10th ward is going to step in and do the job. I was asked by Christine to baptize her and I felt very honored that she would want me to do it. I actually was suprised. Elder Anderson is going to confirm her a member the next day in church. I am so excited for her baptism. We have worked with her for 5 months and just like in D&C 103:36 "All victory and glory shall come to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." I want to testify to you that this is true and I am so grateful that I get to see the fruits of my labors.

This upcoming week is going to be exciting! I am so grateful to be in this area! I am so happy and I love this work. This is the Lord's work and I am honored that I am part of it.

Elder Brown

Nice Surprise!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Family and Friends,

Well this week was crazy. Found out that Elder Anderson and I are staying as companions for another transfer! We are going to be together for six months! We told President that the work is going great and that we do not want to leave but want to stay together. President said that we have the highest numbers in the mission and it is in a area that has had nothing going on for the last 5 Years! He cannot separate the Dynamic Duo. We are really excited as we have many Baptisms coming in the near future.

First off I want to talk about one of our investigators, We have been teaching Christine (12) for 4 1/2 month. Her parents are members but less active and she doesn't know whether she wanted to join our church or not. So we finally finished teaching her all the lessons a couple weeks ago. We told her that we have nothing more to teach her but now she needs to make the decision whether she wants to get baptized or not. We told her to pray about it. She loves church, the missionaries, reading the scriptures, young women's the whole thing. I was very confident that she would have the desire to get baptized. I fasted for her to get an answer. Well last weekend I didn't even bother to tell you that she prayed about it and she said NO! I was like no way! She doesn't know what she wants. Elder Anderson and I were so surprised and told her to continue reading the Book of Mormon and praying to Heavenly father. After that lesson we talked about it and we figured that it is just not the right timing for her. I was disappointed. I prayed and fasted so hard for her. Well, the next week rolls around and we were just visiting her to have a check up lesson to see how we could help her come closer to Jesus Christ. We were going in with just sharing a short scripture in Enos and be in and out. We sit down thinking we might get dropped. The Lord gives us the biggest curve ball! She tells us right away that she wants to get Baptized. We were like what? We were in shock and we didn't know what to say or do. I then I say, " Awesome" and pulled out my planner and went over the Baptismal interview questions with her and invited to be baptized on February 4th. We asked her what changed her mind? She said that she was thinking (pondering) about the things we have taught her and the way she feels when she goes to church. She said that she knew she needed to get baptized just needed to be brave enough to say yes! I have finally figured out how the Lord works after this experience. God answers prayers but he doesn't always answer them the way we think he will answer them. I had to hear gut wrenching news and pray to Heavenly Father " Thy will be done". I have learned that there is nothing that I can do to convert people. All I have to do is be worthy to have the Holy Ghost and trust in the Lord. The Holy Ghost is the real teacher. The Holy Ghost was what helped Christine make that decision to get Baptized. It was an absolute miracle! We went and celebrated on got some Chinese food. OH YA!!!!!

Funny story! So at the end of each transfer I get my haircut. I didn't want to spend money and Elder Anderson claimed that he is good at cutting hair. He cuts his own hair and it doesn't look too bad. The last time I had a missionary cut my hair ( Elder Alshengiti to be more specific) It was the worse haircut of my life! Ya you saw the pictures of me at Zack and Zane's Baptism. So I was apprehensive about the whole missionary cut my hair thing. Well I say what the heck and I let him do it. Well He is cutting little by little so that he doesn't cut off too much. It was actually looking really good I was suprised. Well, He does my side burns on the right side and made it fade pretty good. Well the clippers jammed and so he was messing with that trying to get the hair out. As he did that he accidently made it go shorter then normal. He shaved off my side burns alll the way up to my forehead. After he did that he was like, "Oops". I was like NOOOOOOO WAYY! Not again. It was at the very end of the haricut and he was almost done and it just got wrecked and we had Stake conference the next day. I never laughed so hard because I was scared he was going to mess up. Elder Anderson said I had no Faith. HA HA So now I look like a GOON and there is nothing I can do about it!

Work is going great! I am having a great time. I am very comfortable with my missionary lifestyle! I love not worrying about anything but teaching people about the Gospel. I can do this for a long time. Especially the area that I am in! This area is the Best!

Elder Brown

Elder Anderson keeps me entertained!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slurpees are the best!


Friends and family,

Well, I just want everyone to know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY MISSION! I am seeing so many miracles and I feel so blessed. We are having a lot of success in a area that is usually really slow. We have more investigators that I have ever had on my mission. We are teaching and testifying by the spirit. Feeling God's love not only for us but for those we are serving. I want to tell you some cool experiences I have had this week.

We were able to find a new investigator! We have been trying to get a hold of this family since I have been in this ward. We have scheduled multiple appointments and they have all falled through. Finally this week we were able to get in their home and share a spiritual lesson. We found out that Pat (mom) is a convert and that she has been working really hard with two jobs. This is why it was so hard to schedule something with her. We were able to meet her daughter Mikelle (10). She is awesome! She is not shy and speaks her mind. She has grown up going to church but the last couple years have been tough for her and her family. But they feel like now that they can become more active. She has been wanting to be baptized for a while. So we are so grateful that we kept on trying to meet with them. Elder Anderson and I have been memorizing this scripture. D&C 103:36 "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." We have finally been victorious because we did all three of those things for the last 4 months. Heavenly Father is mindful of all his children and he does answer prayers. Mikelle has a baptismal date for February 4.

We were also able to meet with my favorite family . We are working with Richard and Teri. We were able to follow up with their Book of Mormon reading. Teri read all the way to chapter 10 in like 5 days! I was so proud of her. She gave us in great detail everything that happened in those chapters. Richard, her husband on the other hand did not read anything. Little disapointed and I let him know that. Ha ha. He is a funny guy. We were able to read a chapter with him to get him started. Committed him to catch up to his wife who is blowing pass him. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was really easy. They believe in everything we taught them and had no complaints or concerns. So it was a good lesson. We were able to give their son little Richard Book of Mormon Stories and in like 15 minutes he read to chapter 23. He is only 7 years old. Smarty pants! They came to church for the first time with us and it was kind of a sketchy scenario. It was two farewell talks for missionaries and the talks were great. Sacrament meeting went a little long. One of the longest sacrament meetings I have ever been tot. It went over by like 20 minutes. So we had to explain that doesn't happen too often. Little Richard was getting a little bit restless. They have baptismal dates for February 11! This is the first family that I will witness entering into the waters of baptism. They are wonderful people and we already have a great relationship with them. I Love them so much!

We have about 8 investigators right now who are ready to get baptized if they made the decision now they would be worthy to enter into sacred covenants with God. They either have a concern that they are holding deep inside or it is just not the right timing. We have been really working hard with a lot people and we have helped them come closer to Jesus Christ but we need them to get through that gate which baptism opens. I know it is a step of faith but I know they can grow way more spiritually once they receive the Holy Ghost. I am trying to be patient but it is really time to bring in the sheaves!

I have one more week of the transfer left. Elder Anderson and I are nervous! We both want to stay especially with so many baptisms coming up in the next transfer. I am so grateful to be in this area. I have learned so much and have been able to learn how to more effectively excersise faith. I have a strong desire to stay in this area for the rest of my mission. It is amazing. The members are wonderful doing missionary work and they trust us. I am so blessed! I love my Mission so much! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Elder Brown

Ya Baby!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Home Sweet Home!

Lemonade for lunch!

What everyone is looking for!

Family and Friends,

This week was absolutely AWESOME! We had so many great things happen. We were able to find a family! We were able to get referrals from our Bishop to go see Richard & Terry. They are amazing people. We went over to their place and introduced ourselves. Right then and there they set up at time for us to come and have dinner. We were able to talk to them over dinner and had a Q & A session. They asked us all these questions about the rules and and how big of a commitment it really is. We explained to them that we will answer their questions through the lessons. They will come to know what the standards are to be able to get baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. I asked them what sparked an interest for allowing us to come in and hear about the gospel. They explained how they grew up Catholic but they feel void inside spiritually. They see the example of our new Bishop and his family and how happy they are. They told us missionaries they envy that. They want that and will do anything to get it. So we told them we could definitely help them with that. We were able to teach them a couple days later about the Restoration. They are so prepared. They are hungering for truth. They felt the spirit when we recited the first vision and they accepted baptism and they don’t doubt that Joseph Smith could be a Prophet. We were able to commit them to read the Book of Mormon. They also committed to read 10 chapters in like 2 – 3 days. Ya these people are for real. I hope that I am staying in this area when they get baptized!

On Saturday I was able to go back to Fullerton again! I was able to witness my boy Joe get baptized. He is in the Acacia Park ward, the one I was in for two transfers. He asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and I gladly accepted. I was able to see Elder Knight my long lost companion and reunite with him. He is doing great in Garden Grove. The Spirit was so strong at the Baptism. It was Phenomenal! There were like 16 missionaries there supporting Joe. It was awesome. I got to see Elder Alshengiti, Elder T. Brown, and Elder Sumsion! I Love those missionaries.

I was having a rough night Saturday! We have so many investigators that are interested and so close to being baptized. We had like 15 scheduled appointments and more than half of those got cancelled on us. It was really frustrating and I was trying to figure out why people were just throwing us under the bus. I was feeling down. I prayed hard that things would turn around. The next morning, we had 11 of our investigators come to church. I was amazed! We were able to schedule appointments with every single one of them. This next week is going to be the bomb. They are so close and with the Holiday seasons done and over with they will be more focused.

Elder Anderson and I are having fun working hard. We have two more weeks until transfers and I hope that we stay together one more. Neither of us want to leave and we are so close with all of our investigators. I am so happy. I have never been so happy in my life. I Love this work. I know what I am doing is not only blessing other peoples life but also my own. I feel God's love as I go and serve. I love when I feel the Holy Ghost working through me. I Love Anaheim 10th ward. They are the best. I love my investigators. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is where it is at. It is what everyone is looking for! I am grateful to be the instrument in the Lords hands to give it to them. Thank you every one for your support, talk to you next week.

Elder Brown

Action Packed of Good News!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family and Friends

This week is action packed of good news! We have been teaching this kid name Taylor. He is 20 and has been coming to church. It is really hard to get in lessons because he is really busy with working at Disneyland, playing Star Wars on X-box, and playing Pokemon on the Game Boy. So he was on the low end of our investigators. He called us one day to set-up an appointment for us to come over, so we were like sweet. We go in and he tell us he wants to get Baptized and also go on a mission. We were like well, we can arrange a baptism for you. So his Baptismal date is for January 21. Right before transfers. We are really excited! We were able to meet with him twice and help him gain a stronger testimony of the Restoration. It is crazy how the Lord prepares people to accept the Gospel and how we are just instruments in his hands.

We were able to teach Jeff again this week. This lesson was the most powerful lesson I have ever been a part of on my mission. We taught Jeff about the gospel principle of faith. How faith is power and can bring forth many mighty miracles. We talked about the Syrian General Naaman in 2 kings how he exercised faith to follow the Prophet Elisha and was healed of his leprosy. We went through Ether 12 and read some amazing scriptures. Jeff was into this lesson, his eyes were glued on us. We promised him as he exercises faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, that he will be healed from his brain injury. That healing will be recognized after his baptism not just physically, but also spiritually. I just felt the power and authority the Holy Ghost given to Elder Anderson and I in prompting us to promise those blessings to him. It was an amazing spiritual experience!

We had another break through with an investigator named Christine. She is 12 years old and we have been working with her since I got here in Anaheim 10th ward. Her parents have been less active for a while. They do know how much the gospel has blessed their lives and given them purpose in this life. Ray (dad) is very supportive. They are all about letting Christine make her own decision of getting baptized. When we first came in we laid down the baptismal invitation and she didn't say anything looking at her parents to get rescued. So we have backed off just teaching her the lessons and letting the Holy Ghost work with her. We have met with her 8 times. She has read 1 Nephi 10 on her own. Loves Church and young women's. Also has stated that she feels so happy when we go over and when she comes to church. She is seeing the fruits of Jesus Christ's church. We talked about being obedient and following the prophet tied with baptism. It went really well. We just asked her what are your thoughts on baptism. She said it is a big commitment. We are like ya it is. Only you can make that choice. Her dad bore sweet testimony how the church and the gospel had blessed his life and wants the same for her. So she is going to make a decision by next week whether or not she is going to get baptized. I am 90% sure that if she truly prays and asks with a sincere heart based on the things she has witnessed and felt she is going to get baptized. We are really excited. She is Awesome!

The next big news is I got a phone call on Saturday from one of my old investigators Joe from Acacia Park ward in Fullerton. Elder Knight and I got him really desiring to be baptized but he was not able to because he was living with Noelle. Well, Joe and Noelle are not dating and Joe has been stuck in this situation for like 3 years. Missionaries got permission from President that Joe is worthy to be baptized! I am So HAPPY this day has come. He is one of my most favorite investigators and I am so grateful that I am still on my mission for his baptism. When Elder Knight and I separated he told both Elder Knight and I that he wanted us to baptize and confirm him. Elder Knight is baptizing him and since he will be getting confirmed the next day on Sunday so I will be giving a talk on the Holy Ghost. It's on January 7 and I am so pumped. It's amazing how many investigators you work with in the past really do get baptized. I Love Joe so much and I am so proud and excited for him.

We were able to have a fun New Years. We got home and planned at 9 p.m. I was really tired but we needed to celebrate so we changed the clock from 9:30 to 11:58 and we celebrated New Years with some martinneli's sparkling apple cider. Elder Anderson and I had fun. It was a lot better then last year when I got hit by a car. I count my blessings everyday.

We have a lot of work going on here a lot of potential baptisms coming in the next month or so. I really do hope that I stay in this area! Elder Anderson and I have really worked hard to get this area going. Transfers are in 3 weeks on January 23rd. Maybe the Lord will have us stay together for one more transfer. Make it six months with one companion. Ha ha it would be crazy.

Happy New Year!

Elder Brown