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Crazy Stuff!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been amazing! We have been dealing with some crazy situations here on the streets of Fullerton, California.
We received a call from some Elders to go see a man by the name of Andres Ruvio who was at St. Jude's hospital. The hospital is in our area so we get lots of opportunities to go and give priesthood blessings by peoples request. We didn't know anything about him. On the way to the hospital, I had a little prayer in my heart that we would be able to use the full power of the priesthood that Elder Alshengiti and I hold. We arrived at the hospital and got screened and went and knocked on the door. It was this Hispanic man and his right leg from the knee down was cut off. He was so happy that we came and saw him. He was in tremendous pain and could only drink fluids and he was just miserable. He asks us if we could give a priesthood blessing. We said that the blessing will only work according to your faith. He was in dyer pain and said yes I have faith. I anointed the consencrated oil. Then elder Alshengiti sealed the anointing and gave a blessing by the spirit. The Holy Ghost came into that room and it was so powerful. You could feel and see the weight of the burden on Andres shoulders was lifting. After the blessing he wanted us to stay and read the Book of Mormon with him. He later told us that he is a diabetic and he doesn't know if he is going to live through the next couple days because of the pain. We asked him if he had been praying and he said no. So we asked him if he would like to offer a prayer to our loving heavenly Father before we left. He gave the most sincere prayer I have ever heard someone say. The spirit was so strong and this older man started crying. I was also touched by the spirit and was trying to hold back tears. He thanked us so much for coming and he feels a lot less pain than he did before. We gave him a commitment that every half hour to pray to Heavenly Father to get through the next half hour and take everything a half hour at a time. That was an amazing experience seeing the power of the Priesthood and the power of prayer. My testimony was really strong but now it just got stronger.
Another crazy situation is we had an appointment with Omar one of our Gangster Investigators. We go and he wasn't there and his brother said that he was at a funeral. His brother told us that one of his friends got shot a week ago in a couple of alleys over. We are like dang. We are dealing with a lot of Gadianton Robbers that are wreaking havoc on those that want to change and follow Jesus Christ. Gangs here are really bad and tagging getting worse and a lot of things are going down. I am so grateful that I am set apart from the world as a missionary and am able to walk down a dark alley. Elder Alshengiti and I made a comment walking down this alley one night. " If you were not a missionary would you walk down this alley". We both looked at each other, we were like Nope. ha ha. Crazy stuff.
On the up beat note I had some of the best ribs in the world!! ha ha. Only State side SO CAL.

Love you all

Elder Brown.

Count My Blessings

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends and Family,

Well this week seems like a party week as a missionary. Ha ha. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday and I learned a lot. I was able to practice my skills with reciting the first vision of Joseph Smith and placing the Book of Mormon in the hearts of the people. I love the power the First Vision has especially when you say it in Joseph Smith's own words. I had to do it in front of President and I didn't do too bad. I love my mission President and sad he is leaving soon. I was able to see all the baptisms from last Zone Conference to now and it is amazing how many people have entered the waters of baptism and made those covenants with God. I saw a picture of me, Elder Bannister and Zack and Zane Law. It was really cool. Zone Conference really pumps you up to go to work and be obedient. ha ha.
This week has been a little slower then normal as all our appointments fell through. I am learning not to get discouraged and keep fighting. In Orange County every one is going a million times an hour and no one has time for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's not very high on people's priority lists. So Elder Alshengiti and I are being up beat and getting people pumped of the Gospel OR really the Good News. I am learning how to teach people according to their needs and helping them come closer to Jesus Christ in any way.
ONE person that has been good for the pass couple weeks is Yuki. She is doing so good! She has learned so much about Jesus Christ and we were able to get all the materials in Japanese. It has been fun teaching someone while doing charades but she has learned about Christ's Atonement and what he did for us. On Saturday Miyako and Brother Sisler took Yuki and Jonny to the Temple tour at the Newport Beach temple. That took up our whole Saturday and it was cool. I was able to see almost all my Elders from the MTC. Also saw my first companion Elder Bannister again. Man, I miss that Elder! He is one good missionary and still tearing it up in Irvine. It was really neat having Yuki see the blessings of the Temple. Baptisms for the Dead, Sealings of families for time and all eternity. It is really cool. She was so excited yelling In Japanese and I just nodded my head smiling. Didn't understand one word Ha Ha. Miyako was able to translate. But ya we have been improving this area . We finally are getting ward missionaries called in this ward to help us out with less active members. I love teaching and it is going well.
I am really Excited ! Elder L. Tom Perry will be accompanied with Elder William F. Reynolds of the Seventy . They will be meeting us missionaries here in the California Anaheim Mission!!!! April 28 is the date and I am Pumped!!!!! I am getting spoiled with Conference than L Tom Perry, an apostle. Count my many blessings !ha ha. But ya really excited the work is going. Can't believe I been out this long. I have been praying for my investigators to get the necessary spiritual experiences to be converted to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and they will be a blessing to the Church of God. I love you all.

Elder Brown

Amazing Week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been Amazing!!!!!!!! Elder Alshengiti and I are improving so much with the people we are finding, The way we are teaching, amount of lessons we are teaching. We have been finding and serving and it is the best. It is the best feeling when you get out of your car and ask someone in dire need if they need any help. You see it in their face, being relieved and being so grateful. They tell you they have been praying for someone to come help them! That's one aspect I love about Missionary work, having the constant opportunities to serve people both spiritually and physically.
Well, I have been teaching Yuki, Jonny, and Walter by myself because Jonny does not feel comfortable having Elder Alshengiti in his home teaching him. He expressed that to us privately. He has his reasons and doesn't need to explain it to us. I told him that we can't teach them because I am suppose to teach with my companion. But Elder Alshengiti said, " No, I won't come over any more and we can go on splits". I was pretty mad someone was tearing down my companion especially someone that I love saying that. We don't know why he feels that way but we respect that and Elder Alshengiti doesn't care. All he cares about is that Jonny & Yuki comes closer to Jesus Christ and he doesn't want to be the reason why they are not. So I taught them three times this week teaching very slowly and simply. Yuki barely knows english, she doesn't know anything about God or Jesus Christ. Words like Atonement, sin, salvation, Gospel are all a new vocabulary to her. I am teaching all by myself. Miyako Sisler is helping to translate from English to Japanese for Yuki. The crazy thing is my words or Miyako words don't really matter. It Is the Holy Ghost that is testifying to her that all the things that we are saying is true. She barely has a knowledge of the Gospel but she is learning so much little by little of Jesus Christ and his Gospel. I am learning how to be a simple creative teacher on my own. Brother Sisler is my companion when we teach Yuki.
One night before we were making the switch we had Brother Gray in the ward say he can go on splits with Elder Alshengiti. So we get there thirty minutes before and he was not home. So we were like dang, we are going to have to reschedule our appointments. So we called as many people we could think of and nobody could come with us. So, fifteen minutes before our lessons, Elder Alshengiti and I pray to know who to call to come out on splits with us. Brother Smith came to our minds we called him and he said yes that he can go out and he was at the house in ten minutes. We had an amazing lesson with Yuki, and Elder Alshengiti had an amazing lesson with Brian. My testimony has grown so much with the power of prayer. That night we invited Yuki to be Baptized and she accepted. It was Awesome!!!!!
Funny story we went to a members for dinner. Their food was good and we were talking and laughing. They brought out dessert and they were Popsicle's. I got so excited i put my whole mouth on it and it was really cold. My lips were stuck on the popsicle my whole mouth. It was like the scene in the Christmas story with the tongue on the pole but it was with my stinking lips on this popsicle. Every one thought I was joking and started laughing. ha ha. But it was really stuck and it hurt so bad ha ha. I had to get up to the sink and run water down the popsicle and loosen my lips. ha ha. That was embarrasing but it broke the ice with the members so it was cool.
My mission is going by faster then ever and I am so happy that I am serving in California. Its the Best!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Brown

Lovin' California!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It;s been around 75 degrees all week!!! Ahhh!!!!!

This Week has been the Bomb!

Friends and Family,

This week has been the BOMB!!!! I have been teaching a lot of lessons and tracting very few hours! You know what they say, "a teaching missionary is a happy missionary"! ha ha. We have had at least 2 appointments everyday and I am enjoying teaching. Especially when you feel the Holy Ghost working its magic with those we are teaching.
I have a funny experience that we had with A Born Again Christian. So we went and talked to this guy named Gilbert. We were sitting down on this hill and we got him talking about the Gospel and he said that we are not Christians because we believe in works to be saved. We asked if we could pray and share some scriptures with him. He wouldn't let us pray. He said that he would start the prayer so that we could follow and let "Jesus Christ come into our heart." So he starts praying and wanted us to repeat him and I didn't but Elder Alshengiti did. He said some stuff that Elder Alshengiti repeated that was true doctrine. Then Gilbert said, "through only faith we will be saved". Then Elder Alshengiti repeated saying, "through faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end we will be saved. Gilbert says, "no no, through faith alone we will be saved". Elder Alshengiti repeated exactly the same thing that he did before. At this point I am trying not to laugh because Gilbert was getting so mad. We explained to him the true doctrine of Jesus Christ and showed it to him in the Bible and he listened but his heart was so hardened he would not get the pass the fact that proving your faith in Jesus Christ is all you need. So we told him we love him and to pray to God for truth.
One spiritual experience we had during our weekly planning was Elder Alshengiti and I went through the former investigators in the last year. We got a strong prompting to go see the Parkers. We go over the next evening and this lady answers the door. She looked shocked and she was so happy that we were at her house. She said that she has had a lot bad things going on and that she relapsed and she said that she was praying to God for help and comfort. The next day we are here on her doorstep asking her if there was anything we can do to help her. She got really emotional, remembering the missionaries when they use to come over. We told her how we received Inspiration to come over here. She was so thrilled, we scheduled an appointment and everything. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost leads and directs us to those that are in dire need. I am learning how to follow those promptings in a blink of an eye and man the fruits of that is amazing.
Another experience was we went to a less active home and met John and Yuki. John was baptized at the age of 8 and everything was going good until his father went to prison. After his father went to Prison his mom got really depressed and got into drugs and his house became a meth house. He was basically taking care of himself and his younger brother and sister trying to figure out life. He has made a lot of bad choices and wants to change his life. We came over and read the introduction of the Book of Mormon with him and his girl friend Yuki who is from Japan. The Holy Ghost was so strong and he said that he remembers the good times when all his family was together going to church and did family scripture study. He came to church yesterday and is now coming for good. His girlfriend is really interested and we are going to invite her to be baptized tonight. She is ready for the Gospel and as she sees her boyfriend John change his life, she is seeing the fruits of this Gospel. I am really excited because I am seeing both their lives change because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ!
Work is progressing here in Fullerton and we are improving on our goals every day. I am having fun serving the Lord because serving brings true happiness. I never thought that I could help so many people. With the Holy Ghost and with God's help anything is possible. Love you all Tremendously!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We just got our haircuts! I miss Elder Knight!

My New Companion!

I had an amazing spiritual experience this week!

Family And Friends,

Well well well,this week has been good. Elder Alshengiti and I have been really been thinking of ways to get this area up and going. One thing we thought was to get the ward more involved and we took a lot of good steps this week in this direction. Elder Alshengiti and the Bishop, they made eye contact and immediately connected. Oh boy they are best friends now so we have the Bishop loving us (especially Elder Alshengiti). He likes me too (ha ha). We finally got permission from Brother Dugon (who is a member) for us to invite his wife, Sister Dugon to be baptized. So, we are excited. She goes to church every week but has not made her Covenants and I am so excited to invite her to come closer to Jesus Christ. I am pumped for that. We also have been working with recent convert Miyako Sisler who is from Japan. We are now preparing her to go to the Temple and we are so happy for her. She is so looking forward to this experience. She is an amazing person who is so strong in the Church and reads scriptures everyday and is trying to be the best she can be. I love sharing messages with her and helping her to do Baptisms for the Dead and in three months she will be able to go to the temple and take out her endownment. Brother Sisler has come a long way and is active as ever and is now going on missionary visits with us. He makes me laugh so hard. (they are the ones with a bunch of dogs) I had an amazing spiritual experience this week! We went to go see an investigator and she was not home. I had a strong prompting to cross the street, so we crossed the street and i felt prompted to go knock on this door. A man answers the door named Julio and I talked to him and found out he played soccer for New Mexico and he was really interested to hear our message and we are seeing him tonight. He is so excited to have us over. I am so happy that I am able to recognize the spirit in this wonderful work and have it guide me to those that are ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. A lot of our investigators have been hard to get a hold of so we are continuing to find more. I am getting really close with members and investigators here in Acacia Park and I am striving to have the spirit direct what I should say and do. Its hard when people know that this Gospel is true and they are not willing to change their ways and follow. True happiness comes when we pattern our lives around our Savior Jesus Christ and make covenants to follow him. I have learned that for myself as I have served others and applied the Gospel into my own life. This week I got a special letter from someone totally Awesome and I want her to know thank you so much for the encouragement ;) California is pretty cool. Also we have a lot of scheduled appointments for this upcoming week and we have members coming to all of them. This is a first. I have been thinking about my Savior a lot lately, obviously and I received some revelation. Everybody probably knows this but I was partaking of the Sacrament yesterday and I learned just how important this is and how we should not go without it. Some people can't go with out Coffee, or their diet coke. Some can't go with out their sports, television, ETC. I could go with out a lot of things,especially coffee but the one thing I can't go without is The Sacrament. It took me all the way till now to realize how important it is to go partake of the Sacrament each week. To renew those Covenants you made with God. Our Promise is to keep his commandments and He promises us to have the spirit to be with us always. The Holy Ghost is the greatest gift man can have. It's the Comforter that leads and guides you. I am so grateful for my Savior and the love he has shown to all of us and died for us so that we will have that peace and the opportunity to come back into the presence of our loving Heavenly Father. The Sacrament should be the highlight of our week and I am just learning that now. So remember Saturday is a wonderful day, its the day we get ready for Sunday. Its a great Primary Song and it is so true. So continue to prepare yourselves each week for the Sacrament and I promise that you will have great spiritual experiences every Sacrament Meeting. I Love you all take care and have an amazing week!

Love Elder Brown