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I am a Happy Camper on my Mission

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family and Friends,

This week was amazing! Elder Anderson and I were able to see both Christine and Haley who we have been teaching for the past five months get baptized! We are so excited for them and their desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It was on Saturday at 3pm and we were able to get Teri and Richard to the baptism. They felt the spirit so strong and they had a wonderful time.
I am a little disappointed because Teri who is the best, had a couple of draw backs. She was keeping the Word of Wisdom and had a fiery attitude to keep it. She did falter and had a cup of coffee. When I first heard this I was DEVASTATED. haha. I don't know why. I thought in my head, Elder Brown chill out! Everything is going to be okay. It is hard to quit doing something you have done all your life. So I decided to just keep on encouraging her. This was the best thing I could have done. She felt so discouraged she messed up that she said she has lost the desire to keep trying this Mormon thing. That we are better people then she could dream of herself being. Satan is working really hard on her right now. She is SO READY. We had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and talked about the Atonement and how our sins are all washed away when we are baptized. She recommitted to come to church and keep on living the Word of Wisdom. Richard has kept his promises so he was talking a little smack on Teri that I could tell upset her. She doesn't want to disappoint us. That is great but I want her mind set to be not to disappoint Heavenly Father. The next day they didn't come to church. Ya. They are going to get baptized. it is just a matter of time. I have prayed so hard for this family. I think right now the Lord is testing me in my faith and enduring with patience.

Other than that I am a happy camper and my mission is awesome! I am around wonderful people that want to serve the Lord. I get to testify of Jesus Christ everyday. I am working my spiritual muscles to the max. Always have room for improvement. I am excited for this next week and for what it has in store for us. We have a lot of referrals coming in from the ward. I guess they trust us. I just got to keep pushing! Have a great week.

Elder Brown


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