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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

The Book of Mormon is True

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well, this week was good. I took Elder Hansen to get some Pho. Yep, the great Vietnamese noodles. SO good! I thought this southern Elder needed to try something a little out there. When we got at the restaurant and he looked at other people's bowls and he said, "I don't think I am going to like it". He orders himself a little bowl takes one bite and says, "I do not like it at all". I was in awe ha ha. Every companion that I have taken to get some Pho loved it. Elder Hansen did not take another bite of it haha. I felt bad I told him it was amazing. He just has different style of foods he likes. Actually we are the total opposite of foods we like .haha. He doesn't like peanut butter. I love peanut butter. He is a fan of Macaroni and Cheese. I am not so much. He loves to make strogenoff. I like and can only make things with eggs and he doesn't like eggs. Ha ha. It is a funny situation.
We were able to teach an old grandma named Shirley that just turned 73 and her mother is till alive at 101 years old Crazy!!! Shirley's husband passed away ten years ago and she has a strong relationship with God. She considers herself Methodist but she goes to all different kinds of church services. She has been taught most of the discussions and we found her in our former investigator forms. We looked and felt inspired to go teach her. We found out that she has never read the Book of Mormon so we decided to read with her to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She is a sweet lady and loves to talk. She is one of those Cat widows. Lots of cats and while we were teaching her one of her cats hopped on her lap and started sucking on her neck. WEIRD!!!! Elder Hansen and I look at each other like what the heck. ha ha. She goes on to say that Noah (cats name) was abandoned when he was a Kitten and didn't have a mother. So Shirley adopted him and now lets him suck on her neck. She is Dear Daughter of God.
We also found another new investigator named Steve. His father is LDS and his mother is Born again Christian (don't know how that happened) and he grew up not knowing what to do. He joined none of them and didn't really have God in his life. We went by and taught him the Restoration and invited him to be Baptized In Christs Church in the first lesson. HE accepted and was so excited. His date is July 2nd. Yes, I know that is far away but with faith he will be so set and ready to make this change in his life and make these covenants with his Father in Heaven. Miracles are happening in Yorba Linda.
We had a zone conference with special guest Elder Bowen of the Quorum of the Seventy who is cousins with President Bowen coming in a month (my new mission president). We learned so much about the Power of the Priesthood and how important this work is. I got so pumped for missionary work. We went out and found 5 potential investigators the next day. And we are going to continue these Miracles. I know that this Church is true. That Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World. That the Book of Mormon is evidence today that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. I want to give a shout out to the Best Dad in the WORLD HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He has made me who I am today. Love you Dad.

Elder Brown

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been a blast!!! I was able to go Tuesday morning and greet the new missionaries straight off the plane from the MTC. It was a big group of 11 missionaries. For 3 hours we were having a meeting on how to be good effective trainers. It was interesting to hear everyone's ideas of being a good trainer and being able to help the new missionaries get comfortable to missionary lifes. We were able to have lunch with them and they are a fun group of missionaries that are here for the right reasons. After lunch, President prayed to see which greeny is with which trainer. He came out and started naming off new missionaries and trainers. Elder Johnson and I were the only ones left. Then Elder Johnson got called with Elder Arnold from Provo, Utah and they are in our District. Then I got Elder Hansen From Cleveland, Alabama. He is a Military Brat. His father is a retired marine of 21 years. His personality is the total opposite of Elder Lambs ha ha. He is energetic and will talk your ear off. This Elder is the perfect Elder for me in my first training experience.
The first day out we were leaving the apartment heading to our investigator's house when I noticed we forgot to do miles the night before. So I pulled over into a cul-de-sac and wrote down the numbers. Elder Hansen and I looked around and said there is a reason we why we pulled in here. So we got out and started knocking doors. The second house we knocked on was the first one to answer. It was a mother named Daphne. We talked about the gospel and how it blesses families. She was hooked and she was saying that her husband is struggling with the death of his father and has given up on God. So we briefly explained the Plan of Salvation to her and invited her and her family to learn about this Great Plan Of Happiness. After we left the house I yelled, Greeny Power!!!!! and gave Elder Hansen a chest pump so sweet. ha ha. We are going to teach her this upcoming week.
Second, was a cool experience when we taught one of our investigators Chip. He is very strong with his faith in Jesus Christ but believes in a lot of Gospel Principles of men and not of God. Elder Hansen and I by the power of the Holy Ghost were able to help him understand that we believe in the same principle of faith and works because faith without works is dead. I was able to help understand because of our faith In Jesus Christ, we follow his teachings and we follow his commandments because we love him. But if we didn't do that, we can't honestly tell people or our Father in Heaven that we have faith in him. It was crazy how we talked about the same subject and I told him the same thing but this time the Holy Ghost was there to testify of the truth. Also there was GREENY POWER!!!!!!
The third great experience we had was after District meeting we had District Lunch. We were able to take Elder Hansen to IN n OUT for the first time. Before he came to the fresh, satisfying, little peace of Heaven hamburger joint his favorite place was Mcdonalds. I said "Elder, I am so sorry. We need to show you what a real hamburger should look and taste like". We got there and I ordered him Double Double Animal style. He got it and he was amazed. His eyes went so wide and he was shocked of the delicousness of this burger. Man it was great!
Fourth we went and followed up with a potential investigator that Elder Johnson and I found when we went on exchanges. Because Elder Lamb was stuck in the apartment with his knee. We get there and he lets us right in to teach the first lesson. This is Elder Hansen's first actuall lesson hitting every principle. We taught the Restoration and I recited the First Vision and it was powerful and the Holy ghost was very well present. We then went through the Book of Mormon and challenged him to read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon and he said, " Yes". Then for the moment I was waiting for, we Invited him to be Baptized June 25. He accepted and is so excited. Inside I was jumping up and down screaming with pump fists and and all that but I kept it cool inside and scheduled another appointment. Greeny Power!!! ha ha
So we were able to get back into the work hard core! Just like I tracted in my Irvine Day.s I love the work when you walk with the Lord with Faith. I am so grateful for this opportunity! I am seeing miracles! Power of Prayer works and I just got to leave it all out on the table and my Savior will mold me to the person, missionary, and companion he wants me to be. GREAT WEEK!

Elder Brown

May the Force be with you Elder Lamb!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Elder Lamb off to Garden Grove....

Things are Looking Up!

Family and Friends,

This week was very good! It went by fast!!! haha. We were able to teach 3 lessons and find a new investigator. So there was good progress in the area. The ward here is stepping it up with the missionary work. We are finding ways that the members can be more missionary minded and we help them with that. President Watrous was gracious enough to split up Elder Lamb and I for another three day exchange. I was with Elder Tuipulotu and we had fun! We worked hard and did most the teaching in those three days but man he knows how to have a good time. I had a funny experience tracting.... We were just knocking through this neighborhood and talking to people and we came to this house. We knock at the door and this lady opens the door and says, "oh! come right in". We were like aaaaa ha ha. We didn't know if she was a potential investigator, a former investigator, less- active or a member. Elder Lamb starts freaking out as she gets her husband. He thought it was going to be the friends of a Church Pastor who would want to bash and yell at us. But he walks in really nice shakes our hand and we figure he is a member. Well, they ask us why we came over. I was able to whip something out about becoming member missionarries. I didn't know their names all the way though. At the end, I asked how do you spell your name and they told me it and I was able to write it down. They had no clue that we were just tracting in the neighborhood haha. So I thought that the Lord helped us call some good Audibles. Well Saturday night we got home waiting for transfer calls. They usually call around ten thirty. We get a call at 9:15 and Elder Lamb was like its President Watrous. I was like okay what did we do this time. we are getting along better. He asked for me and he gave me the call to be a Trainer. He goes on to say that this is the most trusted calling. What ever you teach this new missionary will affect him the rest of his life. I was like yes President and I will accept and do the best I can. So it was pretty shocking after all the problems I have had with Elder Lamb. So I will be staying in Yorba Linda 4th ward for another three months at least. I am really excited. I feel like I am white washing this area because we were not able to work as much as I hoped to and I have no clue about the area. So another challenging opportunity to learn! I feel overwhelmed but ready for it. I feel like there are going to be a lot of miracles happening in the near distant future. Side note ELder Lamb is going to Garden Grove. Good for him! Its a lot different then Yorba Linda and I wish him well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6 Month Burning of Tie Ritual

Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well this week has been good! Elder Lamb decided to stay in the mission and to be in a wheelchair. We have had many interviews with the President and he decided to have a special three day exchange with other Elders. So Elder Tuipulotu From Auckland, New Zealand came over to work in the Yorba Linda 4th ward. He is a big Tongan Elder that likes to have fun. ha ha. We worked hard and taught a lot of lessons. I was able to relax and just do what I do. I have learned that a teaching missionary is a happy missionary. Working hard and being obedient is hard but the blessings and the fruits of your labors that you see makes it all worth it! We were able to go see Jonathen Harris and get to know him and just be his friend. He has been at home for 5 years with really bad seizures and cannot go in public. We were just able to have a sweet discussion about the Gospel. I was able to have the oppurtunity to bring over the Sacrament to him after church yesterday. It was a really cool experience. He has not taken the Sacrament in 5 years and he was so grateful for that oppurtunity. We also were able to teach Chip about the Restoration. He is Non-Denominational and has some crazy beliefs and interpertations of the Bible. He is a good guy, retired landscaper who I feel is ready to accept the Gospel. So good things are happening, Just trying to fight for what I know to be right and just to show my love towards everyone. Mothers Day was amazing!. I want to make a public shout out to say" I HAVE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!! She has taught me so much as I was growing up to be a good missionary by her example and unconditional Love. I Love you Mom. I was able to have a long conversation with my family and make a few quick important calls. Keep on trucking out their continuing to build that foundation of Jesus Christ and nothing can bring you down. Love You all!!!!!

Awesome Week!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been awesome! We were able to hear from Apostle Elder L. Tom Perry. It was cool having a mission conference to see all the Elders in my mission and the Long Beach Missionaries. Elder Perry talked about the Book of Mormon that it should be our finding tool, our teaching tool, and our conversion tool. He gave a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of that book and the spirit was so strong. We were also able to find out what is going to happen with Elder Lamb. He needs to stay off his knee for 2 months and we can't sit in the apartment any longer. He is either going back to the MTC and is going to work in the referral Center or he is going to go home and wait it out there. He has taken this news pretty good and I have been learning to be patient and loving and serve my companion. It has been hard with Elder Lamb's personality but I am getting the hang of it! ha ha. We were able to teach 5 less-active lessons this week. The most I have taught in this area, so it was good. We also found a man who has been in-active for 5 years and we are in the process of getting him well intregated into the ward. His story is pretty crazy! So there has been a lot of doctors visits, President interviews, and serving my fellow companion. I am excited to go back out again. I don't know what they are going to do with me the next couple weeks but probably going to be in a trio with the Assistants. Which will be sweet, Elder Sophe and Elder Elliote. They are awesome!! Love you Guys and Take Care.

Elder Brown