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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week was great! Full of turkey and amazing cranberry sauce! This week was a lot different then others. So I am just going to talk about my amazing Thanksgiving day. Well my Thanksgiving started as the worse day possible! I woke up and worked out getting all pumped up and ready to play in the turkey bowl! This is the first time I am going to actually play football in little over a year. Our whole Zone was talking about it through out the week. We found no problem with playing and our Zone leaders knew we were playing. I have been planning on this for a month. Well, we get a voice message at 7:00am in the morning. Guess who it was from? It was from the Zone Leader. The message went a little like this. "Happy Turkey day, Yaaay! We are just informing you about participating in the Turkey bowl is prohibited. So have a great day!" Right then in there I was so mad and angry and knew without a doubt this was going to be the worse Thanksgiving ever! For an hour getting ready for the day I was pouting and throwing a little tissy fit why I can't play some football on Turkey day. I start my personal study and read in the Book of Mormon. I then meditated why I am so angry. I decided to read in my journal last year on Thanksgiving and my whole attitude to things were different. I was so happy and just thanking my Heavenly father for everything I have. So I decided that I am going to turn my frown upside down and make this the best Thanksgiving ever! So we went out that day with faith to make something happen. Well, a lot of people were not home or cooking up some turkey and didn't want anything to do with us. So we went to go see what was going on with one of our favorite families the Fraziers.
We get to the house and Sister Frazier told us that Max and Fox are at the park playing with their Dad. So we went on over there and guess what happened. We had our own Turkey Bowl with the Frazier's. It was really Turkey Olympics playing football, baseball, kickball, doing cool tricks on the playground all the above. Max and Fox are little studs and I could not think of anything better to do then play sports with them this Thanksgiving. All the other kids looked at us and were so jealous. That was a really fun time.
We then went to our turkey dinner. We didn't know the people that signed us up for dinner. So I thought this dinner was going to be awkward. But it was Awesome! The family was so cool and we just talked and ate so much food. Bro. and Sis. Rodriguez were just recently married and had kids on both sides. Bro. Rodriguez is a convert and all his kids are not members. So it was cool answering their questions about what missionaries do. They were all around our age and couldn't believe what we did for two years. We were able to share a sweet little spiritual message about thanksgiving. They enjoyed it but nothing really happened after. Two days later. We just pull up to a random street and we knock into one of his sons. We were like Whoa! We know you. ha ha. We asked if we could share more about the Book of Mormon with him. He was like ya! He said that he is going to be at his dad's house on Tuesday and we can share with him there at two o' clock. I was like Cha-Ching! The Holy Ghost works in so many ways. So cool to see these miracles happen each and everyday!
Haley (14) and Jake (8) are for sure getting baptized December 10th! We are so excited! They have been progressing so fast it is amazing. So cool how a willing heart can bring forth so many blessings when you live the gospel teachings. I love this family so much. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and asked some amazing questions. They bore testimony how cool it was to know that there is a Plan of Happiness. Funny story! So Jake asked us a question after he is baptized if he is going to be referred as brother. Heather (mom) said to him, " when you get older you will be referred to that". He then said, "well I want to be referred as Brother Jake now really bad"! It was so funny!!!! So now Elder Anderson and I say, "Whats up Brother Jake." I am so excited to see them enter into a covenant with Heavenly Father and see them be blessed more then they can ever imagine. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be his representative and be able to see with my own eyes the way the Gospel blesses families. I am so grateful my family can and will be together forever. That right now I have the opportunity to help other families do the same. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Brown

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been good because of one amazing family. We were able to teach Jeff, Heather, Haley, and Jake two times this week preparing them for their baptism on December 10th. I want to share with you an amazing experience that we had. Miracles came in ways that we would never expect. So we get to their house planning on teaching them the Plan of Salvation. We get into the house and everyone seemed down. Usually they are pumped to see us but something was wrong. Well Heather explained that Haley who is 14 was having an attitude and Jeff (dad) did not handle the situation the way Heather wanted him to. Haley was mad at her parents and went to her room. Jeff was upset with Haley. Heather is upset with both of them. So the spirit of contention was in the home. So when they explained the situation and how Haley was probably not going to join us in the lesson, I was like Deja vu! They are just a normal typical family. That has happened to me in my family a lot and that is how we learn and come closer to our Heavenly Father. So I was happy that we were here right after that argument. We decided to change it up a little bit and talk about the chapter they read in the Book of Mormon. Jeff asked a ton of great questions. He said that he was always against the LDS church and he knew nothing about it. He was asking how the Book of Mormon ties into all Christianity and the Bible. So we were having just a great discussion and the Holy Ghost was once again filling the air. I was thinking in my head that I really wished that Haley was here to be a part of all this. Found out later that Elder Anderson had the same thoughts and impressions in his mind at the moment. Well a couple minutes later while Elder Anderson was talking a HUGE spider crawled across his face. It was like in his hair, came from the ear over to the cheek to his nose. He swated it off thinking it was like a moth or something. It fell to the floor right by the dogs. I guess the dogs eat spiders. So Heather yells. "don't let the dogs eat it". I start laughing chasing down this huge spider. I was laughing so hard. Every one was just going nuts. So Haley, hearing all this commotion comes outside smiling to see what was going on. Once everyone got their composure we continued our lesson and Haley was right there listening. We got on the topic of prayer and how powerful it was and Elder Anderson bore a powerful testimony of prayer. He was praying that Haley would come out and the spider crawled on his face. The Lord works miracles and answers prayers in so many different ways. It was just so cool to leave feeling the spirit of joy and hapiness and see the difference we made. I know we did our job as missionaries bringing the Holy Ghost into the home.
We invited them to come to the temple tour and they came and it was a blast. Bobi was able to meet them and introduce herself. It was just a great week. I want to talk about one of my favorite missionaries Elder Tensmeyer. He is my District Leader and is a stud. Total spiritual giant that leads by example. He is by far one of my best District leaders and he encourages me to do my best. So I just wanted to give that shout out! He is one of the Elders my family met when they went to Irvine. So he knows all the great members in Westpark my boys Zack & Zane. So we have fun together. Well, running out of email time. I will talk to all of you next week.

Elder Brown

I attempted to eat a snail yesterday. Not worth it!

Gus & Ricky

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These are the dogs we walk!

Best time of my life!

Friends and Family,

This week was the Bomb! I had such a fun, spiritual, exciting week! So we just played hard like we always do, Elder Anderson and I. Last P-day we went to zone activity and we got put on the same team for basketball. Ya so we went 15-0! We could not miss! Nobody could beat us. We were alley ooping, jumping, passing, shooting, cutting, running, all over people. It was a fun time and yes that shows our companionship unity right there! So that was a really fun day!
Some AMAZING news that I need to get out with a family we are teaching. Its a part member family and their names are Jeff (dad), Heather (mom), Haley (Daughter -14 yrs) and little man Jake who is 8. Well I have told you a little bit about them. We walk their amazing dogs Gus and Ricky. Can I tell you how much I Love this family. Well, Haley and Jake have baptismal dates for December 10th! So excited! We thought that Haley was already baptized but at Family Home Evening we found out that she wasn't. So the next lesson we taught them was about the gospel and baptism. Haley said that she has been wanting to get baptized for a couple of years. We were so Happy! After talking about baptism, Jake said in his funny little man words " We really need to start going to church" We were Like YESSS! So the whole family came to church and they are totally awesome we sat by them and Jake had an amazing time at Primary. We are going to be meeting with them a lot! They are the best.
The next cool event is that I had one of my most favorite Sundays on my mission yesterday! We were able to get 4 investigators to church this Sunday. It was Crazy! We have the highest number of progressing Investigators in the Zone! We were able to sit with them and talk to them. Jake had a hard time In Sacrament. He got a little bit bored. He is one of the those kids that always has to be moving and doing something. Kind of like my little Bro. Brayden. We had to run to the library to get him some books of stories to look at to help him enjoy sacrament a bit. We then were able to teach the 12 year olds Sunday School class and they were so hyper. So I said to all the boys, "let's see who can do the most pushups"! They suprised me, a couple pumped out 25! It took their energy out quick! We had a nice and calm lesson after that. Ha ha. After church we were able to go teach a lesson to a new investigator who wants to get baptized. He has a lot of friends that are LDS and everyone thought that he would be a good Mormon. So he wants to try it out. He made it very clear to us that he obeys the Word of Wisdom and that he lives his life according to our "rules" haha. We explained that we live the Gospel and obey and keep the Commandments, and we are blessed. So it was a good lesson! We taught Jared who has taken some steps back in his progression but he is still reading. So props to him! He is so close! He just needs to gain the spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true! Right after we booked it to the Stake center and we watched a family that I taught a couple of times get baptized in the Yorba Linda 4th Ward. It was awesome! It was like a family reunion seeing all my favorite ward members there. That ward is so good at supporting new members and each other. Really grateful to serve in that ward! It is where I learned and grew the most! I felt the Holy Ghost so much on Sunday with such power it has just filled me right up! Its funny, I thought getting transferred to this area was the weirdest dumbest thing ever when it happened. But it is one of the BEST things that has happened to me on my mission. Just proves that the Lord knows what is best for me. I just got to go do what I do! Anaheim 10th Ward is one of my favorite areas and I am so grateful to be here. We have 8 different sets of investigators we are working with! When I first came in, we only had one investigator and only taught one lesson a week. Well, the Lord has blessed us as we have turned our hearts to him and relied on him for our success and it is working! I love you all!!! I am having the best time of my life serving families I love! Keep praying for those who have not heard the truth yet! (Alma 6:6) I know that if you do that they will find it. I say these things in the name Of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Brown

Holy Batman!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I received this picture and email from a member in the ward where Josh is serving.

Dear Brown Family,

We have your son in our ward right now and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful missionary he is. Our boys, Max and Fox, love having him and Elder Anderson over. They carry the spirit with them and we can feel it when they are in our home. They are making my boys excited to go on missions, which as a mother, I am grateful for.

We have them over almost every week for dinner and we got to have them over on Halloween. He so cute with my boys that we had to take a picture with him. I thought you might like it so I asked Elder Brown for your email. Hope that was ok :) He is so fun with my kids, but still shares a spiritual message. He teaches, by example, how to be a good missionary. We love having him in our ward. Thank you for raising such a great young man.

Let me know if he has a favorite meal or treat that I can make when he comes next. When I ask what he would like he always says "anything". I know he means it too, but I would like to make something he likes. Especially around the holidays when I'm sure he'll be missing home.


Having a Great Time!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well, I thought this week was going to be the best one yet! We had 13 appointments scheduled for this week and all of them got cancelled besides 4! So I could be feeling down right now but I am not! One of those 4 we were able to teach a new investigator named Julie. She is a single mom with two kids and she is awesome. She has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and wants to follow him. She grew up Catholic and found out for herself that Catholicism is not for her. Ever since then she has been bouncing to different Christian churches trying to find the truth. Well, we knocked on her door and she was willing to hear our message. We scheduled appointments 3 times and finally were able to get in and teach her. When we taught her about the Restoration she asked why she didnt know anything about Joseph Smith. We told her that is why we are out here serving our missions to help everyone have an opportunity to hear the Restored Gospel. She was really interested and accepted Baptism and to read the Book of Mormon. She is really knowledgeable of the Gospel and she is just on fire. I feel like she is so prepared and I know that she will get Baptized! So even though all our appointments got cancelled, I still feel like it was a good productive week. Elder Anderson and I can always improve and do bettter which is great! I felt very happy seeing the spirit lead and guide us to those who are prepared.
There has not been too much progress with our other investigators. Obviously many of their appointments were cancelled. Just need to keep following up with them and help them keep their commitments. I am sorry I am going to have to cut this e-mail short but I Love you and hope everyone is having as great of a time as I am!

Elder Brown

We are being so blessed!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Family and Friends,

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is it going back in Utah? Well, I am going to tell you a little bit about my experiences in the Hills of Anaheim California this past week! First of all transfers calls came in and I am staying wih Elder Anderson for another transfer! Oh YA!!!!!!! We were thinking what was going to happen and what we wanted to happen and it happened! We have so much potential in this ward and we are excited that we are going to baptize like crazy this next transfer! Well, we have taught the most lessons this last week then all the rest! Our teaching pool is getting huge and we are going to need to start doing splits with the ward members so we are pumped about that. Our only problem is nobody is excepting baptismal dates. They have heard all the discussions and are keeping their commitments but they are just not able to make that next step! So we are working really hard to figure out our investigators concerns and how the Lord can help! We found a new investigator that the Gospel is really blessing his life. We found this kid named Austin just out of high school that has a lot of problems. We met him at a park and he was asking us a lot of questions. He said that he wants to find God and quit doing a lot of drugs. He is battleing Heroin addiction and trying to get his life back together. We were able to meet his family at his house. He lives in a mansion, his dad owns a car dealership and he has everything he could ever ask for. Drugs have really messed him up. We have been meeting with him this past week and he has been off heroine for a week and we have helped him reduce his weed and tobacco intake. Right now his dad kicked him out of his house because he has been lying to his dad and it is just a mess. So we are just trying to help him battle some stuff right now and the Gospel is going to do that. I am seeing first hand how bad drugs not just effect the person taking them but everyone around them. Austin is an awesome kid and he has a true desire to change and find God. We are going to invite him to be baptized for a date in January sometime. I am really enjoying my mission right now. We are being so blessed right now in our area. We went and saw some former investigators of about two years ago. They have had the lessons multiple times and they were all ready for Baptism two years ago. We talked to them about it and their concern is that they are scared that they might break their covenant with God after they get baptized. They want to make sure they are perfect and know everything before they are baptized. It is really admirable that they are taking the Baptismal Covenant serious but they are underminding the grace of Jesus Christ. We explained that out knowledge and our journey to be christ like will be a life time pursuit. How the Holy Ghost after baptism and confirmation will help us make the right choices. So we are going to invite them to be baptized as I know now is the time that they can be blessed being within the fold. Elder Anderson and I went to the best Halloween Party in the World! Anaheim 10th Ward knows whats up. We were able to get a lot of our investigators to the party and we had a blast. We had some good Chili! We had a sweet Spook alley that would give the the Haunted Forest a run for its money! Elder Anderson got Tazed! Yep that happened. Then we had Trunk or Treat. These Trunk or Treats are massive! So many people come to these parties its crazy! We had a blast in our costumes! Yep I said costumes. So It was great week. I hope that you all have an amazing week!

Elder Brown