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Action Packed of Good News!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family and Friends

This week is action packed of good news! We have been teaching this kid name Taylor. He is 20 and has been coming to church. It is really hard to get in lessons because he is really busy with working at Disneyland, playing Star Wars on X-box, and playing Pokemon on the Game Boy. So he was on the low end of our investigators. He called us one day to set-up an appointment for us to come over, so we were like sweet. We go in and he tell us he wants to get Baptized and also go on a mission. We were like well, we can arrange a baptism for you. So his Baptismal date is for January 21. Right before transfers. We are really excited! We were able to meet with him twice and help him gain a stronger testimony of the Restoration. It is crazy how the Lord prepares people to accept the Gospel and how we are just instruments in his hands.

We were able to teach Jeff again this week. This lesson was the most powerful lesson I have ever been a part of on my mission. We taught Jeff about the gospel principle of faith. How faith is power and can bring forth many mighty miracles. We talked about the Syrian General Naaman in 2 kings how he exercised faith to follow the Prophet Elisha and was healed of his leprosy. We went through Ether 12 and read some amazing scriptures. Jeff was into this lesson, his eyes were glued on us. We promised him as he exercises faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, that he will be healed from his brain injury. That healing will be recognized after his baptism not just physically, but also spiritually. I just felt the power and authority the Holy Ghost given to Elder Anderson and I in prompting us to promise those blessings to him. It was an amazing spiritual experience!

We had another break through with an investigator named Christine. She is 12 years old and we have been working with her since I got here in Anaheim 10th ward. Her parents have been less active for a while. They do know how much the gospel has blessed their lives and given them purpose in this life. Ray (dad) is very supportive. They are all about letting Christine make her own decision of getting baptized. When we first came in we laid down the baptismal invitation and she didn't say anything looking at her parents to get rescued. So we have backed off just teaching her the lessons and letting the Holy Ghost work with her. We have met with her 8 times. She has read 1 Nephi 10 on her own. Loves Church and young women's. Also has stated that she feels so happy when we go over and when she comes to church. She is seeing the fruits of Jesus Christ's church. We talked about being obedient and following the prophet tied with baptism. It went really well. We just asked her what are your thoughts on baptism. She said it is a big commitment. We are like ya it is. Only you can make that choice. Her dad bore sweet testimony how the church and the gospel had blessed his life and wants the same for her. So she is going to make a decision by next week whether or not she is going to get baptized. I am 90% sure that if she truly prays and asks with a sincere heart based on the things she has witnessed and felt she is going to get baptized. We are really excited. She is Awesome!

The next big news is I got a phone call on Saturday from one of my old investigators Joe from Acacia Park ward in Fullerton. Elder Knight and I got him really desiring to be baptized but he was not able to because he was living with Noelle. Well, Joe and Noelle are not dating and Joe has been stuck in this situation for like 3 years. Missionaries got permission from President that Joe is worthy to be baptized! I am So HAPPY this day has come. He is one of my most favorite investigators and I am so grateful that I am still on my mission for his baptism. When Elder Knight and I separated he told both Elder Knight and I that he wanted us to baptize and confirm him. Elder Knight is baptizing him and since he will be getting confirmed the next day on Sunday so I will be giving a talk on the Holy Ghost. It's on January 7 and I am so pumped. It's amazing how many investigators you work with in the past really do get baptized. I Love Joe so much and I am so proud and excited for him.

We were able to have a fun New Years. We got home and planned at 9 p.m. I was really tired but we needed to celebrate so we changed the clock from 9:30 to 11:58 and we celebrated New Years with some martinneli's sparkling apple cider. Elder Anderson and I had fun. It was a lot better then last year when I got hit by a car. I count my blessings everyday.

We have a lot of work going on here a lot of potential baptisms coming in the next month or so. I really do hope that I stay in this area! Elder Anderson and I have really worked hard to get this area going. Transfers are in 3 weeks on January 23rd. Maybe the Lord will have us stay together for one more transfer. Make it six months with one companion. Ha ha it would be crazy.

Happy New Year!

Elder Brown


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