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Taking it to another level!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Family and friends,

This week was very slow. With Bill getting baptized and Gina going out of town for a week we had to go out and find people to teach. We were able to find a part member family and start teaching Chase, a 14 year old stud that wants to go to Young Mens. He is not a member and his mom, who is a member who had not been to church in years, is allowing us to teach him the gospel! So that was exciting to find a new investigator. The good news was he went to Young Mens and he was having a blast playing football with all the boys! We also have been teaching another young lady named Autumn about the gospel and invited her to be baptized. I know missionaries can be intimidating and so she kind looked at us like what? Did not know what to say. haha. So we explained if she has a desire to find out for herself if what we are saying is true and as we teach her and she believes, will she will get baptized. She said, " Yes". So it was a good day that day. Everyone is going back to school around here so with all the colleges here and the high schools it is getting pretty crazy busy. It gets harder and harder to meet with people.
We went to the mission office to pick something up for Elder Brown when President came out and asked about Bill and how he was doing. He then told us how there were going to be MTC representatives coming out to our mission and they want to go out with a companionship and see how they teach their Investigators. President asked Elder Brown and I if we could be the missionaries to help the MTC representatives see how we are teaching. We will represent the mission. So I felt pretty honored but now we have a lot of pressure ha ha. But it won't be a big deal , Elder Brown and I teach with so much unity. So that is coming up and we don't have an appointment for a designated time so we need to get on that.
This transfer is going by so fast I can't believe August is over and another school year is starting. It is good to be a missionary and serving the Lord. Elder Brown and I are going to take it to another level!

Elder Brown


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