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Elder Brown & Elder Brown

Monday, August 8, 2011

I AM GOING BACK TO FULLERTON!!!!!!! I am getting transferred to the Euclid ward in Fullerton as a senior companion and driving! My new companion is Elder Brown, a Samoan from Australia. Ha ha. I replaced Elder Brown when I came into Yorba Linda 4th. All the members here loved him. He was the one that trained Elder Lamb right before I came in. I am going to have a blast this transfer. He is going to have to go by Elder Dark Brown and I am going to have to go by Elder Light Brown. Ha ha. We are going to have fun with this!!!!
I am actually really sad that I am Leaving Yorba Linda 4th ward! Every one told me how hard this area is and how missionaries go crazy here. Well I had a blast with Elder Hansen and we found a ton of new Investigators! I love the members here. I thought that I was coming to the ward to serve them but they always returned the favor bigger and better. I am going to miss my investigator families who are ready to accept the Gospel. The good news is my Boy Elder Schwenke is coming to take my place and he is going to baptize them. Elder Schwenke was in my District in the MTC and I love that Poly!! So I am happy for that! Elder Hansen is going to love having him as a companion.
I am happy and kind of bummed I am going back to Fullerton. I wanted to try a new area out like Santa Ana or Costa Mesa but I guess that I have some unfinished business that I have to take care of in Fullerton. I am going back to my old District and I am going to be with Elder Alshengiti... Same District!!!!!!! I am going to miss Elder Hansen even if he might not miss me. ha ha
I love you all!!!

Elder Brown


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