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Grateful to be back!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well, this week has been awesome! I have done more teaching in one week in Fullerton then I did in one month in Yorba Linda! So I am stoked! We have two progressing investigators. We taught 12 lessons to our investigators. It was amazing to teach the gospel principles. Our first most progressing investigator is Bill! He is a 64 year old hillbilly that I love!!! Elder T. Brown and Elder Saxton found him two weeks ago and have visited with him on a regular basis. Elder Saxton, who just finished his mission, gave Bill a baptismal Date for August 21 right before I came in. Through out this week, I have been able to teach him all the lessons and grow to love his sparky, fiery attitude and his love for the Gospel. We taught Bill the Word of Wisdom and he gave up coffee cold turkey! Yesterday, Elder Brown and I fasted and prayed if the 21st of August was a good date to plan for. We got our answer and Bill's baptism will be August 20th! He accepted and is so excited. Bill said when I came in I had big shoes to fill in for Elder Saxton. Yesterday, he told me that I am filling them Spectacularly! I am so grateful to be a part of this and to be able to help Bill on his journey back to our Heavenly Father.
Our second investigator is Gina. She is progressing and we were able to meet with her four times this week teaching her different gospel principles. She accepted the law of tithing. Which was exciting and she has continued to stay off coffee for the past three weeks. She will not accept a baptismal date but she has been coming to church on a regular basis and this Sunday she brought her 12 year old son Mathew to church with her. She really enjoyed it! Mathew is planning to go to mutual and get into the scout program! So we are really pumped! We are continuing to pray for more investigators but man my week has gone by fast teaching and focusing on others. I am grateful to be back in Fullerton and seeing so many miracles.
Last subject is my Boy Elder T. Brown AKA Dark Brown. I am so grateful that I am with such an amazing companion as Elder Brown. To get to know him a little bit he is Samoan from Australia. He is a stud and played Rugby OH YA! He works hard and knows how to play even harder! It is really nice not having all the responsibility on myself and working in unity with Elder Brown. We have the same teaching style and the work is going great. Also Elder Sumsion who I went Sky diving with (before my misison) is now in my Zone! We had Zone Activity and I had a blast. Elder Sumsion is the man! Happy to re-unite with him!
The Lords work is going forward! Love You All!!

Elder J. Brown


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