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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2012

This week was a good one!  We were able to finally teach this potential investigator named Adie.  She is 20 years old and very hyperactive.  She had a lot of questions about things we can and can't do.  "Is it really that bad to drink alcohol"? she asked.   I said "yes, it is even more bad for you because you are under aged."  She laughed.  She said that  while she is young that she needs to enjoy her youth.  In my head I was like eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. da da la la. I like her!  She is very interesting and I liked how she told us what she was thinking and was very honest.  We answered over 20 questions that were all over the place, almost every gospel topic you can think of.  We had to keep bringing her back to the restoration of the Gospel which is the first lesson we usually teach.  I had a very cool experience with this investigator.  This happened as we were talking about Joseph Smith and letting her know of the background of the first vision.  I told her that I was going to tell her the experience that Joseph Smith had in his own words as he was offering a prayer to God.  I told her to picture what I was saying.  I promised her that she is going to feel something quite amazing and it is going to be the Holy Ghost.  I recite the first vision to her. Our eyes were locked.  She didn't blink.  The Spirit filled the room.  She said "How did you do that?"  I was like do what?  She said as I was picturing the experience that Joseph had I felt  something come over me and felt like I was going to cry.  How were able to make this happen?  Elder Herron said it is because he is a representative of Jesus Christ and when he promises something, it will happen.  At this moment I was flying high as a kite with the spirit.  I was able to help her recognize that is the spirit of God testifying to her that the first vision is true.  She looked at me.  She said I am really interested now on how you were able to do that.  I am going to definitely read the Book of Mormon and I want you to come back to teach me.  That night I pondered about the experience.  I had and realized the amazing responsibility and calling that I have.  The power I have to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to bring my brothers and sisters into the fold.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be serving the people here in Santa Ana right now. 
   This Fast Sunday was Amazing!  We were able to get our investigator Sonia to church!  I was so excited as the ward was able to fellowship her wonderfully.  She had a good time.  I am excited to teach her again this week.  She is progressing!  She is awesome.  We also were able to get Jacento to a baptism this weekend.  He also came to church with his dad also.  Jacinto is on track to be baptized in the next couple weeks. 
   We didn't teach too much this week but a lot of good things happened with the investigators we do have.  I am so grateful to be out here serving my Savior.  It is so wonderful seeing the atonement he performed for all of us to come into affect in the lives of those that I am serving.  If it wasn't for my Savior Jesus Christ,  I wouldn't be here right now and I definitely would not be the person I am today with out him. 
    Have a good week every one!
Elder J. Brown


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