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Busy and Eventful Week!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family and friends,

   This week was busy and very eventful!  I want to talk about a investigator named Sonia.  She is very spiritual and has a great desire to follow Jesus Christ.  She is Catholic, 21 years old and has a 5 year old daughter.  We have been able to meet her on a regular basis.  She knows that the Book of Mormon is true.  She knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  But she likes her church and feels the spirit there.  She doesn't see why she needs to come to our church or be baptized again.  We invited some members who are converts and who were less active to come meet with her.  We had an amazing lesson that helped her concern.  One of the members told us a experience he had.  He just prayed and asked if the Book of Mormon is true.  He received a witness that is was.  He was all excited.  His Uncle was a pastor and invited him to his church.  TJ, knowing the promise in Moroni 10:4-5, he prayed to know whether what his uncle was saying was true.  To his surprise he received a witness that is was true.  This made him so confused.  He didn't know which church was the right church.  He went to the Bishop and told him his problem.  The Bishop asked him what did he pray for.  TJ said whether what his uncle was saying is true.  The Bishop replied, "well what he was saying is true."  As he was teaching that Jesus Christ is the Savior.  Tj then gave an amazing testimony about the truthfulness of this gospel.  How other churches has bits and pieces of truth.  But the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints has the fullness of the everlasting Gospel.  Adds to your joy.  The spirit was so strong.  We invited her to come to church.  She accepted.  Sadly a hour before sacrament she texted us and said something came up.  She said that she will for sure come next week.  The adversary knows she is ready.  If she comes to church she will find the truth and it will definitely set her free.  Shows right here the power of a member's testimony right here.
   We were able to find two new investigators this week which was awesome.  Really solid they are 18 and 22  so we are going to have to pass some more to the Singles ward haha.  But that is just how the cookie crumbles my friends.  I am just glad that I was part of their spiritual journey in finding them. 
  I have a funny story to tell.  So we are teaching a girl named Caitlyn at a pond.  We are sitting on the grass and it was very pretty.  Through out the lessons I felt ants crawling on me and stuff I would shew them off.  We finish our lesson and get in the car.  we are driving for like 5 minutes.  Charles, a member is sitting in the back seat.  Great kid.  Well out of no where he screams in a girly frantic voice.  DUDE, THERE IS A HUGE SPIDER ON YOU!!!!  Before I could respond he hit me with his huge scriptures on my shoulder.  I am like what the heck.  I look down I got spider guts all over me.  I was grossed out.  Charles said the spider was like a size of a golf ball.  I was like dang.  The spiders abdomen exploded and it was big.  We didn't have time to go home and change as we were really busy.  So that was not fun.  It was a pretty funny story I will remember.
    I want to talk about my last convert Bradley.  He is 14 and he was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting on temples.  He did amazing.  It seemed like he had been a member his whole entire life.  Later that day he was given the Aaronic priesthood which was awesome.  He is a good kid.  I am so proud of him.
   It is crazy the June is coming to a close everyone have a great summer.  

Elder J. Brown


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