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Making Things Count!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Family and Friends,

     This week was really good.  Everything did not go as planned but it was still a good week.  We were able to teach Christine once again.  We taught her the first half of the Plan of Salvation focusing on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The lesson was very powerful.  We were able to help her recognize the blessings the Lord has brought to her through out her life.  She was really excited to come to church and everything.  We set a baptismal date for August 25th and she accepted it.  Sadly,  we got a member over to her house and everything to pick her up for church and she was not home.  So that was a bummer.  We know that the Lord is in control and things happen for a reason. 
    I went on exchanges on Thursday with Elder Song from Korea.  We had such a good time.  He was teaching me Korean as I was helping him enunciate english words.  He is a great kid very eager to learn and is super smart.  Those Koreans are crazy smart!   We were able to teach Natalie who is the most bright 16 year old girl I have ever met.  So she just wants to be LDS so bad but her parents don't even know that she has a desire.  We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and how important baptism is by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.  The spirit testified that she needs to get baptized.   Elder Song was able to bear his testimony about how his father is not a member.  How his dad did not want him to go on a mission.  Elder song prayed and a year later he received the okay from his father.  Even though he was way against it before.  It helped Natalie so much.  She said that she is going to tell her parents in the next week.  Let them know her testimony and her desire to be baptized.  She is like a modern day pioneer whose faith is so strong and is willing to do anything to follow Jesus Christ.  She is so prepared.  We are praying for her parents hearts to be softened.  It is going to be amazing. 
   I went on exchanges once again but this time I went into the Mandarin branch.   Oh ya!  Learned some Chinese!  quadruple lingo!!! haha.   I had so much fun.  I was able to be with Elder Winters who is amazing.  He is like one of my favorite Elders ever.   He is from Atlanta Georgia, he went to a year of BYU and is an amazing cook!  He made me this Chinese pancake with a huge egg on it.  It is called something but I forgot.  It tasted amazing.  I then was able to eat some amazing Kim chi rice.  it was so good.  Best food ever!  We went to go teach Cindy who is from Taiwan and it was a cool experience.  Chinese/Taiwanese people are so nice.  They got me some tapioca bolba stuff that tasted really interesting.  They said it was frog eggs to try to knock me off my rocker but I called their bluff.  It was too good for it to be frog eggs.  Spirit was really strong as Elder Winters taught.  Even though I had no clue what they are talking about.  It was cool to see and feel that.  Through out the day we were just trying to find Chinese people and it is interesting how a lot of them don't believe there is a God.  We just humbly bore testimony that there is a God and we are his children and he loves us very much.
   We did a lot of busy work this week. but it is great because it gets me that much more excited to go out and talk to everyone.  I am having a great time! Making things count!

Elder Brown


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