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I'm Back to Where I Started!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Family and Friends,
   TALOFA!   Some Crazy, Crazy, Crazy stuff happened over the week.  haha.  It was an awesome week!  I was able to teach a lot of lessons.  We were finally able to get a hold of one of our investigators Sal!  He is 18 and totally great.  His family are devote Catholics.  They have been telling us that he hasn't been home when he really has.  So we were able to teach him while I was on exchanges with Elder Liebrum.  We followed up with him on how his reading was going and he said that he read about six chapters but his Book of Mormon disappeared.    We were able to go teach him the Plan of Salvation.  Through out the whole lesson he asked some great questions.  After we gave him the pamphlet to go over.  He then told us that he already believes that this is all true.  We are like really?... He told us that a girl in his class gave him that same pamphlet.  She was reading it and he asked her what she was reading.  She said that she is reading about Jesus Christ.  She then asked, "do you want to read one of these and learn about Jesus Christ?"  He was like sure.  He read it and believed it.  That was like a year and a half ago and he has never seen her ever again.  Right there you can see the Lord's hand.  This shows the power that comes when we do member missionary work.  That had a profound effect on him that allowed him to accept the Gospel.  He is a great kid and is going to get baptized July 21.  He couldn't find his Book of Mormon the first time.  He said it was somewhere.  The second time we visited him his mom took the Book of Mormon and wouldn't give it to him.  She doesn't like us too much.  I know that the Lord will provide some ways for her heart to be softened.  
   Well, transfers came and I got released as district Leader.  I was so happy for the opportunity to serve my district and get to know the Elders and Sisters that were in it.  I had a great time teaching.  I remember I was so nervous teaching District Meeting the first time and now I love it.  I am not going to lie, I am going to miss it but the Lord has other plans for me.  I received my area call and found out who my companions is.  It is Elder Johnson from Akron Ohio.  He is a cool dude.  We were in the same zone for a couple transfers when I was in Anaheim 10th ward.  This next part is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am going back to my GREENY AREA!!!!!!  The area that I was trained!  The Westpark Ward, IRVINE.   I  am so excited.  I am right now in the building where I first started my mission.  I am so pumped!  I am going to visit all my past investigators that didn't get baptized and going to baptize them.  Right now Elder Johnson just picked an investigator in formers that Elder Bannister and I tracted into.  I am so excited.  I have some unfinished business!  Also, I get to say hi to my not so recent converts.  Zack and Zane Law!  I am so happy.  I could not think of any place better to go then to this area.  MY JOY IS FULL!  (I am doing pump fists right now).  Well, I am going to be working with the members like crazy.  Work with my wonderful Bishop, Bishop Yost.  My second week on my mission he became Bishop.  Almost two years later I'm baaaaacckk.  Love you all! Hope you are having as great of a time as me.  Peace. 
Elder Brown


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