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We Are Really Busy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family and Friends,
   We had a good week with teaching and finding new investigators.  We were able to set up a date with one of our investigators Bradley.  He is 14 and has been coming to church for a year.  He has been ready for baptism for the last year but his mom has not given him permission to be baptized.  So when I heard about this Elder Child and I  talked about it and we decided to fast for Bradley and also for his mom that her heart will be softened.  We were able to talk to Bradley and his dad and they feel like she has opened up enough to allow and give permission for Bradley to get baptized.  I am very confident that he will recieve permission and he will enter into the waters of baptism on April 14th.
 We were able to meet with a former investigator Jasmin.  She has had missionaries in the past.  Her mom was baptized about ten years ago.  Her mom just recently passed away.  Jasmin is interested because of her mom's faithfulness to the church.  We were able to start teaching her and it was the best lesson ever.  We were able to find out what she expected from us as missionaries and also what we expect of her or what the Lord would expect of her.  She said that she has a hard time with commitments because she is scared that she won't follow through with that commitment.  So we explained the importance of why we give and why she should strive to keep commitments. It t shows her faith in the Lord to find out if what we are saying,and the Book of Mormon is saying is true.  It was really good!   We have an appointment scheduled with her this week.
We were able to find a new investigator named Jeremy through tracting.  He is an interesting guy.  He loves the scriptures and has a strong testimony in Jesus Christ.  He has been struggling with drugs and just got off parole.  He told us that he is scared to go back to prison.  He has given up the hard core drugs but he now wants to stop using marijuana, cigarrettes and alcohol.  So he has a real desire to change.  We taught the restoration and placed the Book of Mormon in his heart.  The next day we followed up with him and he read 15 pages.  It was awesome.  We feel like he is sincere.   We just hope he will continue to keep commitments and overcome his addictions.

   All in all I felt like this week was very successful.  It is a big area and there is a ton of things to do here we are really busy.  We are setting up a lot of appointments,  it is just a matter of people not cancelling on us.  We are being blessed!  Elder Child and I are working hard together.  I love Elder Child!   He has been helping me with excercising faith and going the extra mile.   He is a great missionary that loves the Lord.  Thank you everyone for your love and support!  I LOVE YOU ALL!
Elder J. Brown
P.S. Elder Roberts is Awesome


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