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Day of Tears!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Family and Friends,

Well, this week was pretty crazy! This whole week we thought that Elder Anderson was going to be transferred. Well, out of no where we got transfer calls and they said that Elder Anderson is staying with my boy Elder Alvarado. Elder Brown you are going to South Coast! You are going with Elder Childs. I was like DANG IT! We have been telling everyone that Elder Anderson was leaving. So it was like the worse day of my mission on Sunday. And it was Elder Anderson's Birthday. So Sunday we went to church and went to ward council and played it cool. I was able to tell some people that It was Elder Anderson's birthday. Every one wished him happy birthday. I was able to bear my testimony to the ward and thank them for their love and support. It was a really good fast and testimony meeting. I was able to go see a couple of my favorite families. We first went and said bye to my ward mission leader Bro. Walker! He fed us some lunch and we had a good time. He blessed his grand baby in sacrament today so it was neat. We then went to the Reeds. They got Elder Anderson a birthday cake and we sang happy birthday to him and it was great! It was a really sad day. I said bye and they like held us hostage for like 45 minutes. They didn't want us to leave. They gave me a card and a letter. We finally got to the Frazier's and we had an amazing dinner with my favorite dessert homemade Oreo cookies. We did a family activity and acted like an animal and they had to guess it. It was fun! Max is an awesome Cheetah! haha. Time came that we had to leave and I said bye to Max and Fox. Max started crying it was the saddest thing ever. I promised him that I would come back and he seemed content with that. We then went to the Roach's and we were able to celebrate Elder Anderson's Birthday having more cake and singing happy birthday once again. We then spent time taking pictures of us around their mansion. Elder Anderson and I had a blast! Then Sister Roach cried on me as I was saying bye. It was so sad. I have such great relationships with every one. I really love thsee people. It was so hard to say goodbye. When you serve those you love you get attached. I promised them all that I would come back when I get off my mission.
So now I am in the South coast Ward which is 2/3 Santa Ana and 1/3 Costa Mesa. I am in the Newport Zone. Elder Childs is from Northern Ogden and he is a character. He has a very spunky personality and I love it. I am going to have a good time with him. I am his greeny breaker so he gets a break from his trainer. I am going to learn some spanish oh Ya.

Elder Brown


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