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Saying goodbye to my buddies!

Monday, March 5, 2012

This was an email from Max and Fox's Mom sent last night with these pictures! Josh loves these little guys and their family so much!


We had your son over 3 times this week and LOVED it! He is getting transferred tomorrow and my oldest son Max has been in tears all night. We are so sad to see him leave our ward. When he left tonight many of us cried. It was sad. We love him. He came over on Wednesday and got a haircut and while we were talking he seemed pretty confident that he would be staying for another transfer. We thought it was going to be Elder Anderson leaving. I got to make the cookies twice and he was really excited to have them, so thank you for the recipe. It is also one of our family favorites now! My boys loved em. Thank you for passing along the recipe.

Thanks again for sending out such a wonderful man to serve a mission! He's such a good example to my boys.



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