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Week full of SURPRISES!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Family and Friends,
   Well this week was crazy!  A lot of surprises happened this week!  We have been doing a lot of finding and we were able to find 3 new investigators!  Oh Ya. 
   We were able to teach a part member family.  Bruce who is 22 is married to Joclyn and they have a 11 month year old baby.  Bruce wants to start coming back to church and wants his wife to be a part of it.  She doesn't know anything about the LDS church so we taught her the Restoration and she loved the part about the Great Apostasy because it makes sense now why there are so many churches on the earth now.   We invited her to be baptized and she accepted.   Her baptismal date is April 14th and we are so excited and pumped!
   We were tracting and we stopped at Taco Bell because Elder Child had to go to the restroom.  I am trying to be patient with Elder Child, he has to pee like every hour of every single day haha.  Anyways we walked in and there was this guy passed out on the side of the building.  He was covered in mud, clothes all ripped up.  Passed out drunk.  It is like 2 p.m. during the day.  It was weird, it felt like something you would see in the movies.  We walk in and I am waiting for Elder Child and I see that he slouches right  in front of the entrance so nobody could come in or out.  All these kids are just stepping over this guy like they see it happen all the time and I don't know i just felt so bad for him.  One of the workers went out to try to help him get out of the way and I go and help  him up and he had a beer in his hand and smelled so bad.  I just had so much compassion for him.  He was so drunk he didn't even know where he was.  He gave me his beer and walked away.  I went and got Elder Child and then he was gone, disappeared.    He really seemed just lost and every one around him just didn't care.   I feel bad I didn't do more to help him out.
   Alright, I want to tell you about my Saturday.   It was pretty crazy.  I was kind of discouraged Friday night because we had like all of our appointments fall through this week and I woke the next morning and it was pouring with rain.  I looked at my planner and it was a tracting day.  I was like,  "ohh man".  So I prayed that morning that it would be an eventful day today.  Through my studies and everything I got pumped to go and work.  We went out and in five minutes being out my pants were soaked and it was cold.  We then ran into David.   He is an African American baptist.  He listened to our message and believed everything we taught him.  He wants to know where Elijah the prophet  is so we are going to talk to him about that.  We scheduled another appointment and head home for lunch.  We planned on going home for lunch at 11 but instead we came at 12.  We drove up and I saw two girls walking up our stairs and I asked Elder Child if he knew who our neighbors were.  He said  it is a Indian couple, so I was like that is weird.  So we get out of the car and look at the river to see how high it is.  Then we get to our apartment and I see the same two girls putting up something all over my door.  It took me like 5 seconds to realize that it is my two aunts Michelle and Mandy (from Utah)!  I was like No WAY!!!!!!!!!  I was so surprised and caught off guard!  They were caught off guard also and said, " go away we need to finish".  I walk back and see My Uncle Jon trying to shield his face and it was so funny!   Went and talked to My Uncles Jon & Gavin and saw all my little cousins they are so big now.  Little Lukey ain't small no more.  It was just crazy.  My aunts came back and gave me a hug and then they left.  I know it was meant to be!  It made my day turn from a dark and dreary day to a magnificent sunny day full of surprises.  It was so cool.  I want to thank my Beautiful family for the pictures of your "SPECIAL" faces.  Uncle Gavin and Aunt Mandy won the contest ha ha.  I Love you all and thank you for your Love and Support. 
Elder Brown


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