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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I received this picture and email from a member in the ward where Josh is serving.

Dear Brown Family,

We have your son in our ward right now and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful missionary he is. Our boys, Max and Fox, love having him and Elder Anderson over. They carry the spirit with them and we can feel it when they are in our home. They are making my boys excited to go on missions, which as a mother, I am grateful for.

We have them over almost every week for dinner and we got to have them over on Halloween. He so cute with my boys that we had to take a picture with him. I thought you might like it so I asked Elder Brown for your email. Hope that was ok :) He is so fun with my kids, but still shares a spiritual message. He teaches, by example, how to be a good missionary. We love having him in our ward. Thank you for raising such a great young man.

Let me know if he has a favorite meal or treat that I can make when he comes next. When I ask what he would like he always says "anything". I know he means it too, but I would like to make something he likes. Especially around the holidays when I'm sure he'll be missing home.



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