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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friends and Family,

This week was the Bomb! I had such a fun, spiritual, exciting week! So we just played hard like we always do, Elder Anderson and I. Last P-day we went to zone activity and we got put on the same team for basketball. Ya so we went 15-0! We could not miss! Nobody could beat us. We were alley ooping, jumping, passing, shooting, cutting, running, all over people. It was a fun time and yes that shows our companionship unity right there! So that was a really fun day!
Some AMAZING news that I need to get out with a family we are teaching. Its a part member family and their names are Jeff (dad), Heather (mom), Haley (Daughter -14 yrs) and little man Jake who is 8. Well I have told you a little bit about them. We walk their amazing dogs Gus and Ricky. Can I tell you how much I Love this family. Well, Haley and Jake have baptismal dates for December 10th! So excited! We thought that Haley was already baptized but at Family Home Evening we found out that she wasn't. So the next lesson we taught them was about the gospel and baptism. Haley said that she has been wanting to get baptized for a couple of years. We were so Happy! After talking about baptism, Jake said in his funny little man words " We really need to start going to church" We were Like YESSS! So the whole family came to church and they are totally awesome we sat by them and Jake had an amazing time at Primary. We are going to be meeting with them a lot! They are the best.
The next cool event is that I had one of my most favorite Sundays on my mission yesterday! We were able to get 4 investigators to church this Sunday. It was Crazy! We have the highest number of progressing Investigators in the Zone! We were able to sit with them and talk to them. Jake had a hard time In Sacrament. He got a little bit bored. He is one of the those kids that always has to be moving and doing something. Kind of like my little Bro. Brayden. We had to run to the library to get him some books of stories to look at to help him enjoy sacrament a bit. We then were able to teach the 12 year olds Sunday School class and they were so hyper. So I said to all the boys, "let's see who can do the most pushups"! They suprised me, a couple pumped out 25! It took their energy out quick! We had a nice and calm lesson after that. Ha ha. After church we were able to go teach a lesson to a new investigator who wants to get baptized. He has a lot of friends that are LDS and everyone thought that he would be a good Mormon. So he wants to try it out. He made it very clear to us that he obeys the Word of Wisdom and that he lives his life according to our "rules" haha. We explained that we live the Gospel and obey and keep the Commandments, and we are blessed. So it was a good lesson! We taught Jared who has taken some steps back in his progression but he is still reading. So props to him! He is so close! He just needs to gain the spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true! Right after we booked it to the Stake center and we watched a family that I taught a couple of times get baptized in the Yorba Linda 4th Ward. It was awesome! It was like a family reunion seeing all my favorite ward members there. That ward is so good at supporting new members and each other. Really grateful to serve in that ward! It is where I learned and grew the most! I felt the Holy Ghost so much on Sunday with such power it has just filled me right up! Its funny, I thought getting transferred to this area was the weirdest dumbest thing ever when it happened. But it is one of the BEST things that has happened to me on my mission. Just proves that the Lord knows what is best for me. I just got to go do what I do! Anaheim 10th Ward is one of my favorite areas and I am so grateful to be here. We have 8 different sets of investigators we are working with! When I first came in, we only had one investigator and only taught one lesson a week. Well, the Lord has blessed us as we have turned our hearts to him and relied on him for our success and it is working! I love you all!!! I am having the best time of my life serving families I love! Keep praying for those who have not heard the truth yet! (Alma 6:6) I know that if you do that they will find it. I say these things in the name Of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Brown


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