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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been good because of one amazing family. We were able to teach Jeff, Heather, Haley, and Jake two times this week preparing them for their baptism on December 10th. I want to share with you an amazing experience that we had. Miracles came in ways that we would never expect. So we get to their house planning on teaching them the Plan of Salvation. We get into the house and everyone seemed down. Usually they are pumped to see us but something was wrong. Well Heather explained that Haley who is 14 was having an attitude and Jeff (dad) did not handle the situation the way Heather wanted him to. Haley was mad at her parents and went to her room. Jeff was upset with Haley. Heather is upset with both of them. So the spirit of contention was in the home. So when they explained the situation and how Haley was probably not going to join us in the lesson, I was like Deja vu! They are just a normal typical family. That has happened to me in my family a lot and that is how we learn and come closer to our Heavenly Father. So I was happy that we were here right after that argument. We decided to change it up a little bit and talk about the chapter they read in the Book of Mormon. Jeff asked a ton of great questions. He said that he was always against the LDS church and he knew nothing about it. He was asking how the Book of Mormon ties into all Christianity and the Bible. So we were having just a great discussion and the Holy Ghost was once again filling the air. I was thinking in my head that I really wished that Haley was here to be a part of all this. Found out later that Elder Anderson had the same thoughts and impressions in his mind at the moment. Well a couple minutes later while Elder Anderson was talking a HUGE spider crawled across his face. It was like in his hair, came from the ear over to the cheek to his nose. He swated it off thinking it was like a moth or something. It fell to the floor right by the dogs. I guess the dogs eat spiders. So Heather yells. "don't let the dogs eat it". I start laughing chasing down this huge spider. I was laughing so hard. Every one was just going nuts. So Haley, hearing all this commotion comes outside smiling to see what was going on. Once everyone got their composure we continued our lesson and Haley was right there listening. We got on the topic of prayer and how powerful it was and Elder Anderson bore a powerful testimony of prayer. He was praying that Haley would come out and the spider crawled on his face. The Lord works miracles and answers prayers in so many different ways. It was just so cool to leave feeling the spirit of joy and hapiness and see the difference we made. I know we did our job as missionaries bringing the Holy Ghost into the home.
We invited them to come to the temple tour and they came and it was a blast. Bobi was able to meet them and introduce herself. It was just a great week. I want to talk about one of my favorite missionaries Elder Tensmeyer. He is my District Leader and is a stud. Total spiritual giant that leads by example. He is by far one of my best District leaders and he encourages me to do my best. So I just wanted to give that shout out! He is one of the Elders my family met when they went to Irvine. So he knows all the great members in Westpark my boys Zack & Zane. So we have fun together. Well, running out of email time. I will talk to all of you next week.

Elder Brown

I attempted to eat a snail yesterday. Not worth it!


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