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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well this week has been good! Elder Lamb decided to stay in the mission and to be in a wheelchair. We have had many interviews with the President and he decided to have a special three day exchange with other Elders. So Elder Tuipulotu From Auckland, New Zealand came over to work in the Yorba Linda 4th ward. He is a big Tongan Elder that likes to have fun. ha ha. We worked hard and taught a lot of lessons. I was able to relax and just do what I do. I have learned that a teaching missionary is a happy missionary. Working hard and being obedient is hard but the blessings and the fruits of your labors that you see makes it all worth it! We were able to go see Jonathen Harris and get to know him and just be his friend. He has been at home for 5 years with really bad seizures and cannot go in public. We were just able to have a sweet discussion about the Gospel. I was able to have the oppurtunity to bring over the Sacrament to him after church yesterday. It was a really cool experience. He has not taken the Sacrament in 5 years and he was so grateful for that oppurtunity. We also were able to teach Chip about the Restoration. He is Non-Denominational and has some crazy beliefs and interpertations of the Bible. He is a good guy, retired landscaper who I feel is ready to accept the Gospel. So good things are happening, Just trying to fight for what I know to be right and just to show my love towards everyone. Mothers Day was amazing!. I want to make a public shout out to say" I HAVE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!! She has taught me so much as I was growing up to be a good missionary by her example and unconditional Love. I Love you Mom. I was able to have a long conversation with my family and make a few quick important calls. Keep on trucking out their continuing to build that foundation of Jesus Christ and nothing can bring you down. Love You all!!!!!


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