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Monday, April 16, 2012

Family & Friends,

This week has been crazy! I taught the most lessons this week ever on my mission! Elder Child and I taught 16 lessons this week and I absolutely loved it. Weeks go by so fast when all you do is teach. We were able to have a lot of miracles this week!

I want to talk about my boy Jeremy! He has had a tough life. He has been fighting the addiction to drugs his whole entire life. He is a good man at heart and just needs some direction in his life. That is why it is great that we as missionaries act as guides. We help set up an environment that the Holy Ghost can teach our investigators what truth is. Help them recognize what the Holy Ghost is. We were able to teach Jeremy 7 times this week along with other functions. He has exercised his faith so much. We are helping him to be off all substances that go against the Word of Wisdom by April 28th. When he endures he will be baptized on May 26th. He came to the temple tour with us then to Bradley's baptism right after. He also came to church and we were able to give him a blessing to reach his goal of baptism on the 26th of May. He has tremendous faith!

We were able to witness a baptism of Bradley. His story was quite amazing. When I first came into the area I was asking about our investigators. Elder Child went through them then told me about Bradley. Bradley has been investigating for over two years and has been dying to be baptized. His mother would not give permission for him to be baptized. Elder Child and I decided to fast & pray for Bradley and for his mom to soften her heart and allow him to get baptized. We came to Bradley and told him that we feel prompted to set up a baptismal date for April 14th. He accepted and a miracle happened! She said that Bradley is old enough to make his own decisions. I know that fasting & prayer really does work. I have seen it happen so many times! I have a very strong testimony in that. So Bradley got baptized and it was a very great spiritual experience.

We have a couple more people with baptismal dates and excited to continue to serve here in South Coast! Transfer calls came and Elder Child left to Euclid Fullerton. I am so sad! I love Elder Child. He is a great missionary and friend. I am so grateful that I was able to serve with him. My new companion is Elder Herron from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is an interesting Elder but has a strong testimony in the Gospel. I am so grateful to be serving in the California Anaheim Mission! I am enjoying every minute of it. Take Care! Have a great week!

Elder Brown


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