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Spiritual Feasting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family and Friends,
   This week has been action packed and it was AWESOME!  First I want to talk about a cool preparation activity we did as a zone.  We played Scatter ball.  It is kind of like dodge ball but you can't run with a ball and you have to throw it off the walls in order to move.  You have to hit everyone to win, but if you get hit all the people you hit are back in.  It was crazy with 14 missionaries haha.  To make things even crazier we played with racquetballs! haha.  It was crazy as every one gangs up on you and throws as hard as they can just leaving huge welts.  People getting hit in the face getting blind-sided.   It was nuts.  One game took 45 minutes to end.  I really like that game as you use a lot energy.  I just wanted to let you see what the Newport Zone does for fun. 
   Elder Child and I taught so much this week.  By far one of the best on my mission.  We had a couple miracles.  First we were able to recieve a media refferal from Salt Lake.  We were to go see Steven.  He is 21 and a great kid.  He has not been brought up with a religion and considers himself Agnostic (believes in a higher power).  He found the church through Mormon.org and was talking to missionaries on-line and asked for the missionaries to come and teach him.  So we were there the next day.  He wants to get baptized.  So we gave him a baptismal date for April 15th right before the transfer ends.  We taught him all the lessons and gave him a tour of the church.  We showed him the baptismal font and he was stoked for his baptism.  Well, the next day he text us and said that he was up all night scared to death to get baptized and for the interview.  He said that he doesn't want to meet with us anymore thn stopped texting us.  We were like, "dang, how does that happen".  We had one of the fellowshippers text him to see what the problem was and he was really nervous about the interview questions.  So we told him what they were and he was fine with it.  We were able to go to "What think Ye of Christ",  a community event that the Stake President organized.  It was absolutly amazing!  The choir and the narration was so good.  I felt the spirit so strong.  On top of that Steven asked for a blessing of comfort to be able to overcome his fears.  It was a really cool experience. 
   I don't know how much I have told you about one of our new investigators Jeremy but he is the man.  He has been struggling with drugs his whole life since he was seven and has had a tough life.  A very humble spiritual guy who loves the Savior.  We have been teaching him and helping him overcome his bad habits.  In the last week he has been able to cut out his tobacco and alcohol intake and has been staying away from the drugs.  He is such a good guy!  He came to church and loved it.  It is amazing how much the Gospel and the spirit changes peoople.
(sorry my email time got all used up because a born again guy was asking me some questions on why we worship Joseph Smith.  He realized we only worship Jesus Christ as I showed him my tag and explained to him we don't.)
  We had a mission conference this Friday and we had a surprise visit with Elder Bednar and his wife.  I have learned not to judge.  I always thought that Elder Bednar was the most up tight straight lace guy with no sense of humor.  But man, he is one of the funniest guys ever but yet very strict, straight lace guy who has the best sense of humor.  I learned so much and had a huge spiritual feast.  Like the words of Nephi, the spirit consumed my flesh and I was enlightened.  We were able to have an hour to ask him some questions and it was so amazing.  I prayed before he started that I would gain a stronger witness and testimony that Elder Bednar is Prophet, Seer, Revelator , an Apostle of the Lord.  I can testify to you that he is!  When he bears his testimony it it so powerful.  Especially in person.  I had such a spiritual day.
I was able to have easter at the Naia's a polynesian family!  They fed me so much and we had such a good time.
Elder Brown


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