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A Year Went by so Fast!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week was AWESOME!!!! I have seen so many miracles this week! I am so happy right now! Well remember the part member family that I was telling you about. We ate dinner with them and we had the best tacos ever! Yep, just wanted to throw that out there. Then we shared a message about prayer. We committed them to pray as a family. Well, we followed up with them and they have been praying every night together! Heather (mother) who is a member said that she is seeing the blessings poured out upon them by the Lord. So cool! They are going through a lot of different trials right now and the Lord is really blessing them. We asked if we could share the lessons with her family and she gladly with a ton of energy said, "yes". We are going over there tonight and we are so excited to help Haley (14) and Jake (9) learn about the restored gospel.
Then with our next investigator Jared. We had a great lesson on teaching the ten commandments and focusing on keeping the Sabbath day holy because he needs to come to church. He really enjoyed it, especially his daughter as we taught it by sign language. Really fun. Well the next day HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!! He stayed for all three meetings too! Even better, was in the Gospel Essential class the lesson was on Baptism, Yep! It was Great. He is progressing as he is keeping his commitments we just need to help him recognize the spirit and invite him to be baptized again. At church we were invited to be a part of the Primary program! haha Elder Anderson are going to sing ''I hope They call me on a mission!'' This Primary program is intense! ha ha. We got micro-phones and everything. haha.
We are not finding too many new investigators but our investigators we do have are progressing! Their faith is growing in Jesus Christ and in his Restored Gospel and I am so grateful that I am able to be his Servant! Funny story that made me sick. ha ha Elder Anderson and I were knocking in this apartment complex. It just rained and there were snails everywhere. It was in the middle of the day so nobody was home so Elder Anderson made a deal with me. If he ate a snail and it's shell and everything I will have to owe him a big slurpee cup! So I said go for it. Well he ate a snail and its shell! Yep, the grossest thing I have seen in person. He would do so good in fear factor haha.
It has been officially a year since I have been out in the mission field! It has been a year that went by so fast! I am learning so much and I am enjoying my mission . I am trying to make it the best! I get to go to the temple today. What a treat! I love you all have a great week!

Elder Brown


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