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Raindrops keep falling on my head.....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This week I had a great hard working week! I went on exchanges with my District Leader Elder Tensmeyer in his area Anaheim 6th ward. I learned a lot from Elder Tensmeyer and how he is a huge spiritual giant. He is just a great example of a humble follower of Jesus Christ. I feel his love and charity towards me and to all those in our District. He is just a great example. We were able to work in the RAIN! First time I have seen rain come down this hard for a while. Like 9 months. So it was cool to see a difference in the weather and tackle the pavement with a downpour of rain as a missionary with a mission to accomplish. I was suprised that nobody let us in. ha ha. I was able to see Elder Tensmeyers style of contacting doors and I learned a lot of cool things. At District Meeting this week we learned that our mission is going to go from 150 Missionaries to 180 missionaries in the next couple transfers. So there are going to be multiple companionships in different wards so it is going to be interesting. There is going to be a lot more baptisms with more missionaries coming in! That is some cool news. Also my trainer and now Zone Leader are going home in 3 weeks. I was with Elder Bannister when he hit his year mark and to think that he is going home is really crazy. I thought about how it was like yesterday that I was with him and now a year has gone by and he is going back to Pocatello Idaho!
We were able to teach one of our Investigators Jared. He kept his commitment of reading the Book of Mormon and everything! We had a great lesson on dispensations and of Prophets. Right now he feels like all churches are good and that there are multiple ways to get to Heaven. So we are really trying to help understand that there is one Lord, One Fatih, One Baptism that there is a Prophet today on the earth. So he is little by little, as he is feeling the Holy Ghost, coming to the knowledge of that. I was disapointed because he didn't come to church like he said he would. He will come next time.
We have been walking dogs Gus and Ricky twice a week for a part member family. They are Boxers and they are cutest things ever. We have been able to gain a really good relationship with the family and they invited us over for dinner. So Elder Anderson and I are really excited to get to know them more and share a spiritual message that will help them come closer to Jesus Christ. We are going to invite them to hear the discussions. We feel that they are ready to hear and accept the Gospel and we are very excited for that.
I am tracting a lot right now. It is not my most favorite thing to do but we are being a warning voice to everyone and it is cool to have the spirit lead and direct us. Elder Anderson and I have been praying for a more effective way to find and teach people. We have come to the knowledge through the spirit by watching General Conference that Family History work will interest people. Opening a gate to allow us to tell them why we do family history work and how it is linked directly with the Restoration of Jesus Christ's Church. I know nothing about it but I am really excited to study and used it as a tool for people to feel the spirit of Elijah. We had a really cool experience receiving an answer to our prayers. Now we just got to capatilize!
Thank you family and friends for your love and support and for all that you do. Talk to you next week.

Elder Brown


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