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Pumpkin Pie!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well, summer is definetly here in Yorba Linda. We did not teach that many lessons this week because all of our investigators are out of town on vacation. Yep, so we have had the oppurtunity to tract a lot and to bask in the sun drenched in sweat this last week. One thing that is cool about tracting is that is where you get all your crazy stories.
We were able to teach one of the families and we had another amazing lesson. These people are sincere and are reading the Book of Mormon. Daphne (mom) went down to San Diego and went to the Mormon Batallion visitor center. She loved it and ended up finding out that she has ancestors that were a part of it. It was so cool and she had a really big interest in it. We invited them to church and they accepted but they are going to be out of town the next three weeks so we are planning on them coming on the 17th of July!!!! Really excited about that! We have a goal as a companionship to baptize 5 of Heavenly Father's children by the end of the transfer. We definitely have the Investigators and now we just need to excercise some faith and let the Lord do the rest!!!
Funny story we went to a dinner appointment with a member family this week. We get there and they made a huge turkey dinner like on Thanksgiving and it was so good. A huge turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry the whole enchilada. Ya, it was awesome. So I obvioulsy stuffed myself there and out came dessert. It is a pumkin pie with out the Crust. I was like Yummy. So Elder Hansen and I take a bite at the same time and I look over across the table and I see ELder Hansen eyes widen like he saw a ghost and then I realized with my taste buds the most salty thing I have ever eaten. I started gagging and I run to the garbage. She had mistaken the sugar for salt and put a cup and a half of salt in that thing. NEVER in my life have I eaten something so concentrated of salt it was nasty. I felt bad because we hurt the members feelings but man that was nasty and we told her it was an honest mistake but dang. She was trying to salt poison us.
Well other then that it was a pretty slow week. Elder Hansen and I just need the to thrust in our sickle. You know what I am saying and just work, let the spirit guide us and just do what we do. I love all of you for your Love and support. If you have not made a Mormon.org profile yet, yes mom and dad you too. Do IT! Like Nike, Just DO IT!! ha ha. Love you

Elder Brown


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