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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well, this week I have a learned a lot. ha ha. I am striving to get this ward up and going. Also, loving and serving my companion. I am dealing with a lot of adversity. But I knew where I was getting called to and that there was going to be a lot. ha ha. I Know when there is a lot of opposition from the adversary soon there is going to be many miracles. In the last week, my testimony has been Upper Cut, Jabbed, Shocked, Chinese kicked, and Missled at. ha ha. But guess what! It still stands!!!! oh ya. My foundation of my testimony is on my Savior Jesus Christ. Just Like in Helaman 5:12, When the Devil shall send all his moves at you, He will have no power on you, If you have a foundation in Jesus Christ. I have never felt so close to my Savior and my loving Heavenly Father. I have never prayed so much vocally and in my heart as I have this week. My Testimony of the Book of Mormon, the Keystone of our religion, stands tall with my foundation of Jesus Christ. I have had to step up leadership wise. Working on my Christlike attributes and developing my Spiritual Gifts to help and serve my companion, the members of the Yorba Linda 4th Ward, and every one in those boundaries. I am learning to love my enemies. They attack me and want to tear me apart. I am learning how to teach people how Christ taught. I had the blessing to teach 4 lessons this last week and improving with faith and diligence to teach more lessons. There is a certain church that I am not going to name out here that teach their members during class each Sunday how to oppose and rip a part full time missionaries of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. I am praying for them. My heart is sorrowful like how Alma was sorrowful for the people of Ammonihah. But I am going to serve diligently, faithfully, and obediently and be the hands of Christ doing good to all people. Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray for my companion, his name is Elder Lamb, the Ward members of Yorba Linda 4th Ward and the people in this area. I am learning a lot and Heavenly Father is molding me the way he wants me to be and going through just a spec of what our Savior, the ultimate Missionary went through. Through his Atonement we can get through and do anything. I know that to be TRUE. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder J. Brown


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