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Learning To Have Charity

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family and Friends,

These two weeks in this transfer has gone by so fast!!!! My mission is flying by! My companion and I are learning how to have Charity and it is going great. We were able to find one person to teach a lesson through our tracting efforts and it was awesome!!!!. We placed the Book of Mormon in Chip's heart and he really enjoyed it. He asked if the Book of Mormon goes against the Bible and we told him that it supports it and you can see for yourself. He is retired and is a biker dude and he is so smooth. Really excited to follow up with him and see his experience reading The Book of Mormon. We made one of our weekly goals of teaching 2 lessons this week. We reached it through our faith and relying one the Lord. It was great! I am learning to have gratitude and I am being blessed along with my companion. Elder Lamb's knee has been bugging him lately and he hurt it more when we were playing basketball last p-day. So we went to the doctor at St. Judes Hospital (which was in my last area) and he got his prognosis. The doctor told him that he has to stay off it for 3 days. So I was like, great!! (I'm being sarcastic) I get to sit inside for three days. At least I will catch up on my reading right. ha ha. I was kind of bummed because we were going to go to the Temple tour with Ronnie a less-active but we had to stay in. After the first day I was like I need to get out of here. So Elder Johnson and Elder Rock, stellar missionaries rotated in and out of the house covering two areas. It was really cool because I was able to teach a lot and work on my teaching skills. So this week has gone by fast. We have one really good potential investigator and I am so excited. Probably the next highlight of the week was Church. I love Church so much to be able to take the Sacrament and to be able to hear all the member's missionary experiences. It is just the best. I love the Bishop, his counselors, and the Ward Auxilary leaders. They spoil Elder Lamb and I and it is very nice. Ha ha. It is Spring Break this upcoming week so it has been a ghost town. Everyone is gone. So I am just learning to enjoy the weather and just love talking to every one I see if they like it or not! ha ha. So all in all a slow working week but missionary work is in progress and the Lord has people prepared in this area. So excited to find them. Love you all!!!

Elder Brown


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