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This Week has been the Bomb!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Friends and Family,

This week has been the BOMB!!!! I have been teaching a lot of lessons and tracting very few hours! You know what they say, "a teaching missionary is a happy missionary"! ha ha. We have had at least 2 appointments everyday and I am enjoying teaching. Especially when you feel the Holy Ghost working its magic with those we are teaching.
I have a funny experience that we had with A Born Again Christian. So we went and talked to this guy named Gilbert. We were sitting down on this hill and we got him talking about the Gospel and he said that we are not Christians because we believe in works to be saved. We asked if we could pray and share some scriptures with him. He wouldn't let us pray. He said that he would start the prayer so that we could follow and let "Jesus Christ come into our heart." So he starts praying and wanted us to repeat him and I didn't but Elder Alshengiti did. He said some stuff that Elder Alshengiti repeated that was true doctrine. Then Gilbert said, "through only faith we will be saved". Then Elder Alshengiti repeated saying, "through faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end we will be saved. Gilbert says, "no no, through faith alone we will be saved". Elder Alshengiti repeated exactly the same thing that he did before. At this point I am trying not to laugh because Gilbert was getting so mad. We explained to him the true doctrine of Jesus Christ and showed it to him in the Bible and he listened but his heart was so hardened he would not get the pass the fact that proving your faith in Jesus Christ is all you need. So we told him we love him and to pray to God for truth.
One spiritual experience we had during our weekly planning was Elder Alshengiti and I went through the former investigators in the last year. We got a strong prompting to go see the Parkers. We go over the next evening and this lady answers the door. She looked shocked and she was so happy that we were at her house. She said that she has had a lot bad things going on and that she relapsed and she said that she was praying to God for help and comfort. The next day we are here on her doorstep asking her if there was anything we can do to help her. She got really emotional, remembering the missionaries when they use to come over. We told her how we received Inspiration to come over here. She was so thrilled, we scheduled an appointment and everything. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost leads and directs us to those that are in dire need. I am learning how to follow those promptings in a blink of an eye and man the fruits of that is amazing.
Another experience was we went to a less active home and met John and Yuki. John was baptized at the age of 8 and everything was going good until his father went to prison. After his father went to Prison his mom got really depressed and got into drugs and his house became a meth house. He was basically taking care of himself and his younger brother and sister trying to figure out life. He has made a lot of bad choices and wants to change his life. We came over and read the introduction of the Book of Mormon with him and his girl friend Yuki who is from Japan. The Holy Ghost was so strong and he said that he remembers the good times when all his family was together going to church and did family scripture study. He came to church yesterday and is now coming for good. His girlfriend is really interested and we are going to invite her to be baptized tonight. She is ready for the Gospel and as she sees her boyfriend John change his life, she is seeing the fruits of this Gospel. I am really excited because I am seeing both their lives change because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ!
Work is progressing here in Fullerton and we are improving on our goals every day. I am having fun serving the Lord because serving brings true happiness. I never thought that I could help so many people. With the Holy Ghost and with God's help anything is possible. Love you all Tremendously!!!!!!!!!


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