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Amazing Week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week has been Amazing!!!!!!!! Elder Alshengiti and I are improving so much with the people we are finding, The way we are teaching, amount of lessons we are teaching. We have been finding and serving and it is the best. It is the best feeling when you get out of your car and ask someone in dire need if they need any help. You see it in their face, being relieved and being so grateful. They tell you they have been praying for someone to come help them! That's one aspect I love about Missionary work, having the constant opportunities to serve people both spiritually and physically.
Well, I have been teaching Yuki, Jonny, and Walter by myself because Jonny does not feel comfortable having Elder Alshengiti in his home teaching him. He expressed that to us privately. He has his reasons and doesn't need to explain it to us. I told him that we can't teach them because I am suppose to teach with my companion. But Elder Alshengiti said, " No, I won't come over any more and we can go on splits". I was pretty mad someone was tearing down my companion especially someone that I love saying that. We don't know why he feels that way but we respect that and Elder Alshengiti doesn't care. All he cares about is that Jonny & Yuki comes closer to Jesus Christ and he doesn't want to be the reason why they are not. So I taught them three times this week teaching very slowly and simply. Yuki barely knows english, she doesn't know anything about God or Jesus Christ. Words like Atonement, sin, salvation, Gospel are all a new vocabulary to her. I am teaching all by myself. Miyako Sisler is helping to translate from English to Japanese for Yuki. The crazy thing is my words or Miyako words don't really matter. It Is the Holy Ghost that is testifying to her that all the things that we are saying is true. She barely has a knowledge of the Gospel but she is learning so much little by little of Jesus Christ and his Gospel. I am learning how to be a simple creative teacher on my own. Brother Sisler is my companion when we teach Yuki.
One night before we were making the switch we had Brother Gray in the ward say he can go on splits with Elder Alshengiti. So we get there thirty minutes before and he was not home. So we were like dang, we are going to have to reschedule our appointments. So we called as many people we could think of and nobody could come with us. So, fifteen minutes before our lessons, Elder Alshengiti and I pray to know who to call to come out on splits with us. Brother Smith came to our minds we called him and he said yes that he can go out and he was at the house in ten minutes. We had an amazing lesson with Yuki, and Elder Alshengiti had an amazing lesson with Brian. My testimony has grown so much with the power of prayer. That night we invited Yuki to be Baptized and she accepted. It was Awesome!!!!!
Funny story we went to a members for dinner. Their food was good and we were talking and laughing. They brought out dessert and they were Popsicle's. I got so excited i put my whole mouth on it and it was really cold. My lips were stuck on the popsicle my whole mouth. It was like the scene in the Christmas story with the tongue on the pole but it was with my stinking lips on this popsicle. Every one thought I was joking and started laughing. ha ha. But it was really stuck and it hurt so bad ha ha. I had to get up to the sink and run water down the popsicle and loosen my lips. ha ha. That was embarrasing but it broke the ice with the members so it was cool.
My mission is going by faster then ever and I am so happy that I am serving in California. Its the Best!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Brown


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