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Count My Blessings

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friends and Family,

Well this week seems like a party week as a missionary. Ha ha. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday and I learned a lot. I was able to practice my skills with reciting the first vision of Joseph Smith and placing the Book of Mormon in the hearts of the people. I love the power the First Vision has especially when you say it in Joseph Smith's own words. I had to do it in front of President and I didn't do too bad. I love my mission President and sad he is leaving soon. I was able to see all the baptisms from last Zone Conference to now and it is amazing how many people have entered the waters of baptism and made those covenants with God. I saw a picture of me, Elder Bannister and Zack and Zane Law. It was really cool. Zone Conference really pumps you up to go to work and be obedient. ha ha.
This week has been a little slower then normal as all our appointments fell through. I am learning not to get discouraged and keep fighting. In Orange County every one is going a million times an hour and no one has time for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's not very high on people's priority lists. So Elder Alshengiti and I are being up beat and getting people pumped of the Gospel OR really the Good News. I am learning how to teach people according to their needs and helping them come closer to Jesus Christ in any way.
ONE person that has been good for the pass couple weeks is Yuki. She is doing so good! She has learned so much about Jesus Christ and we were able to get all the materials in Japanese. It has been fun teaching someone while doing charades but she has learned about Christ's Atonement and what he did for us. On Saturday Miyako and Brother Sisler took Yuki and Jonny to the Temple tour at the Newport Beach temple. That took up our whole Saturday and it was cool. I was able to see almost all my Elders from the MTC. Also saw my first companion Elder Bannister again. Man, I miss that Elder! He is one good missionary and still tearing it up in Irvine. It was really neat having Yuki see the blessings of the Temple. Baptisms for the Dead, Sealings of families for time and all eternity. It is really cool. She was so excited yelling In Japanese and I just nodded my head smiling. Didn't understand one word Ha Ha. Miyako was able to translate. But ya we have been improving this area . We finally are getting ward missionaries called in this ward to help us out with less active members. I love teaching and it is going well.
I am really Excited ! Elder L. Tom Perry will be accompanied with Elder William F. Reynolds of the Seventy . They will be meeting us missionaries here in the California Anaheim Mission!!!! April 28 is the date and I am Pumped!!!!! I am getting spoiled with Conference than L Tom Perry, an apostle. Count my many blessings !ha ha. But ya really excited the work is going. Can't believe I been out this long. I have been praying for my investigators to get the necessary spiritual experiences to be converted to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and they will be a blessing to the Church of God. I love you all.

Elder Brown


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