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Monday, June 11, 2012

Family and Friends
   This week was slow but there was still a lot of good things that happened.  We were able to teach Sonia.  We have taught her the first three lessons and she believes everything.  She does not know if she believes that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and that our church is the same church that was organized by Jesus Christ.  Her family goes to the Catholic church and she likes it a lot.  She also loves the Book of Mormon.  We were able to teach her about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. She said that she will no longer go out to eat with her family  so that she could keep the Sabbath Day holy.  That was cool to see her exercise her faith there.  We invited her to church.  She was a little hesitant but we told her she needs to come at least once to see if she feels the spirit.  The same spirit she feels as she reads the Book of Mormon.  She committed but didn't come because she had an engagement she forgot about.  I was disappointed but I know she is sincere.  She will come to church next week.
   Another Investigator that I am really surprised about is Mike. He is a strong Catholic and he said that he would never read the Book of Mormon.  He is reading it!  We invited him to church, he declined.  But he did say that he is not against it.  So as we work with him little by little we will get him to church.
  I have been praying for this part member family.  We have been working with them since I got into this area.  The adversary is working so hard on them.  Joe, a recent convert of about year and a half, is trying to be worthy so that he will be able to baptize his son Jacinto who is 9.  He has had a lot trials in the last year that makes it hard to come to church and stay active.  He is willing but he is just not able to keep commitments and do the things necessary to get the job done.  It was cool.  I felt the need to truly fast and pray for that family.  As both Jacinto and Joe have not come to church.  Well,  I did so yesterday.  They both came to all three meetings and had a very spiritual experience.  The talks in Sacrament meeting were for Joe as they talked about covenants and how we can keep them.  It was just a cool experience.  My testimony in fasting and prayer is almost becoming a perfect knowledge.  It never fails!!! Joe is going to meet with the Bishop and get on track to baptize Jacinto in a couple weeks.  I know it will happen.
   I am really getting into the scriptures and studying about  "faith" and being agents.  It applies to everything.  I have a hope that the last 4 months of mission are going to be my best!!! Thanks family and friends for your prayers.  I feel them through out the day. Have a great week.
Elder Brown


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