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My Testimony Gets Stronger Every Day!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Friends and Family,

Well, this week has been crazy!!!!!!!!! We basically dropped all our investigators because they were not keeping their commitments. We only visit them once every month to see if they really want to change their lives and follow the example of Jesus Christ. It was really frustrating when they said the would commit, then they didn't follow through. So Elder Knight and I have been walking with the Lord finding people ready and yearning for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal for the week was to place 13 copies of the Book of Mormon into the hearts of the people of Fullerton. To do this, we start out with an opening prayer and go through the introduction of the Book of Mormon talking about the first paragraph, Second to last paragraph, and Last paragraph. We then invite them to read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon. We end with a closing prayer. Monday we did two, Tuesday 1, Wednesday 0, Thursday 3, Friday 0, Saturday 6 yep that's right, then Sunday 2. I have never worked so hard in a week then this week. We got rejected a lot but the 14 people that listened were ready! They all accepted to read and pray. After this week I learned how important it is to have goals so that you push yourself more then you think you could. We taught 16 lessons this week. Even though nobody has a baptismal date yet we are on the right track. Fullerton is different, there is a very rich class and a very poor class of people. All the missionaries have tracted in the poor area. Elder Knight and I decided to focus on the rich and boy I have seen some pretty big houses. They are pretty ruthless. Even though they have all this stuff they are not happy. We try to show them through the Holy Ghost what brings true happiness. If they would just soften their heart and listen with an open mind they can find that. I am learning how to be patient and optimistic. Walking with the Lord and following the spirit with urgency. I am so grateful that the lord put 14 people in our path so that we can help guide them to their Father in Heaven. I have been attacked a lot from Born Again Christians, Catholics, and anti-Christs. Its amazing how simple words with the power of the spirit can confound people in their contentious desires. My testimony gets targeted everyday by the adversary but each time the Holy Spirit prevails and my testimony gets stronger everyday. I am striving to become a great missionary and to serve the Lord with all my heart. Keep the people in Fullerton in your prayers. Every one for that matter, around the world!!!!!!!!!!! Missionary work is progressing and good times are ahead. Time is flying by don't blink. ha ha Love You all!!!!!!!!!!!!



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