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My Head is Spinning.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family and Friends,

I have been in my second area for almost 3 weeks and its crazy! The days go by way fast in the car and I see so many people and learning so many new names. My head is spinning. I am starting to enjoy Fullerton, it is different. I'm starting to meet the thugs of California. Its kind of cool, all the gangs think we are pretty chill and they all ask us questions of what we can and can't do. Elder Knight goes up to them and says "we have a message about Jesus Christ that will help you get through Sin and Temptation". As these thugs are smoking and have beers in their hands. One yells "SIN AND TEMPTATION"!!!!!! (like a thug would say it). Elder Knight just froze. I saved him I was like ya, "Satan is trying to bring you down bro. We know this will help ya". They were like oh alright cool cool so we talked to them. I have become good friends with these high school kids who play rugby and are trying to get out of the gang thing. We tell all of them that there lives will get better if they read the Book of Mormon and a lot of them say they will and just don't follow through. We are still trying to get permission from their parents to teach them but they are Catholic and don't want us to teach them nothing. Also I have learned how to get through being discouraged and frustrated. We had 15 lessons scheduled last week and only two followed through. We had 12 Investigators that were not progressing and we told all of them we need to visit less frequently until they have a leap of faith and follow through with commitments. I am learning not to complain like Laman and Lemuel and just go work. When we tract all day and we are so tired we just crash at night are usually the best days. I am learning to use my time wisely. This week we are flooding Book of Mormons in the Anaheim Mission. 1000 is are mark in one week. That is about 13 per companionship so two a day. We have to teach a lesson and place the book of Mormon in their hearts to make it count. Its Wednesday and we got three done. I have seen some cool things thus far getting our prayers answered and finding people. We are starting to get return appointments with new investigators and I am excited. Elder Knight and I get along perfectly, I am learning how to not get frustrated over dumb things. ha ha. Doing all that I can to keep the spirit in our companionship. I have met a lot of cool people on my mission and I am learning how to be a people person and talk to weird people ha ha. Help those that are in need. Striving to make this a successful mission and to baptize as many people the Lord puts in my path. Love you all!!!!!!!! Onward Christian Soldier!!!!!!


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