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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

It is Hard to Say Goodbye!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well this week has been good! We have found a lot of people who are ready to hear the Good News!!! We have 10 new investigators and we are teaching 6 lessons a week. I have been enjoying my bike that has a dented rim (ha ha) and have been working hard finding those that are ready. I rceived the call for transfers and I am getting shipped off to Fullerton, Acacia Park Ward. I am reuniting with a MTC buddy Elder Knight. Funniest Elder who is the whitest kid you could meet from Pocatello Idaho who break dances and thinks he knows how to rap ha ha. I am going from one Pocatello companion to another. Fullerton was Elder Bannister's last area and trained Elder Cummins who was Elder Knights trainer. So there is a lot of connections intertwined in this transfer. And Elder Knight dated Elder Bannister's sister. So there are some mixed feelings there. Ha ha haah. But its cool! It looks like I am going to have to visit Poky some day. I am really bummed though. I really don't want to leave Irvine especially Westpark Ward. The Members here were amazing and there are some really cool families who were missionary minded. I am going to miss Bobi who is now like my second mom who took care of me in my "Greeny Days". I am going to miss my Persian Friend Ali Reza who I love dearly. I am going to miss my bike that is damaged and have to put it into storage. I am the designated driver and I am freaking out. I have been confined on a bike in a little 4 mile radius ward and now I am going to be in a car driving on the freeways in California. I am kind of nervous haha. I am going to miss Elder Bannister who was my Senior Companion, my Trainer, and My District Leader. There was reason why the Lord put us together. I have learned so much how to become a better missionary and learned a lot about myself. I learned how to swallow my pride and take into consideration other peoples thoughts on things. Elder Bannister taught me how to be strictly obedient and to do the Lord's work with urgency. Westpark ward is ready to harvest and Elder Bannister and the next companion he is training are going to be very successful. Its weird to think I am going to meet new people. More Hispanics than Asian people and going to learn more Spanish then Chinese haha. My first area has been successful because I have worked hard and reaped the blessings. At church when I told Bishop Yost I was getting transferred he announced it to the ward and had me come up and bear my testimony and I was privileged to do it. I expressed my thanks of the love and support the members gave to me. They are like family and I have a lot of connections after my mission. Zack and Zane asked me to confer the Priesthood on them after Sunday School. I felt so privileged but nervous because I have never done it before and it was just an amazing experience. They are going to be some good missionaries in a couple years. I am going to miss my first area so much. The Lord has other plans for me and I am ready to do some work in Fullerton with a long lost Elder and we are going to put some pazzaazzz into that area. I am here to help people come closer to Christ and plant seeds and baptize people. That is what I am going to do in Fullerton. I love you all I am loving my mission and it is going by too fast. Have a wonderful week and Happy New Year!!


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