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Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20,1010
Friends and Family,

I have had a good week! I attended a zone conference and we did a Christmas Program. I was one of the Narrators and it was just fun having the spirit of Christmas with all the other Elders and sisters. President and Sister Watrous are awesome and they are just wonderful. I don't know if you have noticed but it has been pouring here in California. California drivers are pretty aggressive drivers but don't know how to drive in the rain. We were riding our bikes up to a light and a Honda civic going about 45 miles and hour totally hits head on with a Toyota Tacoma turning left head on. It was crazy to witness that. We biked hard to get there and called 911. It was crazy. Asian dude obviously had a concussion and ya it was crazy. We were there for an half an hour and the detective came by and questioned us what we saw. Then we came up to another accident that just happened too. But nobody got to hurt and Elder Bannister and I were just trying not to get hit by any cars. It started to rain a lot harder that night on Friday and we were just biking and these cops started yelling at us because we were riding our bikes in the rain. We were just doing out jobs but we booked it home and I was turning into our apartment and I knew I was going too fast to turn sharp and I pressed on the brakes and my back wheel just slid right around banging into the curb and I flew Nicely on a bed of roses ha ha. Ya, I have been eating it a lot! ha ha. I had an exchange with my Zone Leader Elder Soffe and we were driving and I saw OCC. I thought that was cool that it was so close to my area. I have some friends that play football there. And I told him about Jorey Hansen who I grew up with and played football with. He was like, "I know him we talk to him all the time". So we went to his apartment and knocked and figured he was back home for the break but it was cool to think someone I knew was here in my mission. Small world. haha. I was tracting last night and it was raining the hardest it has since I have been here. We were soaked it was like I jumped into a pool and started tracting. We have a lot of potential investigators that said we can come back because they had some sympathy for us and saw how diligent we were ha ha. I have a funny story about a contact. We knocked on this guys door and he answers and said his girlfriend use to be Mormon or something like that. I asked him when it would be a good time to come back and sit with him and talk about our message. He said with attitude, "next year" ha ha. I said GREAT we will come by in a few weeks. I was just so happy ha ha. I knew exactly what he meant. But it was funny. He then said, "no, next year around this time" with attitude and i totally ruined his mojo. It was funny I just thanked him and told him to have a wonderful day ha ha. So, I am enjoying this Christmas season in the rain. We were able to get Kevin, a 15 year old kid who plays basketball to come to church with us yesterday and he loved it. So the work is going. I have my first two baptisms this upcoming Sunday!!! I am confirming the Holy ghost to each of them in Sacrament meeting and I am nervous preparing myself spiritually so it will be memorable. I love you all. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk to all of you later!


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