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December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Family and Friends,

I had the opportunity to have dinner with a spectacular member and celebrate her birthday. She is like a second mother who takes care of me and does tremendous missionary efforts. Why she is so special is because she has Charity, the pure love of Christ. She is always thinking about others before herself and wanting everyone to know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bobi, if you are reading this blog I just want to say Thank YOU!!! again. ha.
This week has been crazy for the good. Elder Bannister and I have had a lot of appointments and teaching opportunities. We were able to teach 4 families that have been less active and they attended church this Sunday. One of them hasn't been to church for thirty years. It's amazing to see people relying on the Savior to change their life. I was able to tract into a member that hasn't been to church in a year. I found out that he went To American Fork High School and played football for Coach Knight. He has a brother on his mission right now who is just a year older and went to the same high school. He had us come over to celebrate his birthday with him and with his wife and daughter. We didn't know if they were members also. We found out his wife is a born again Christian but she is very nice. I enjoyed talking to him about sports and about school back home. When we started to talk about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon I could tell how uncomfortable he was. I know that he knows that he should be going to church. He has all these examples in his family that are strong members. We gave him and his wife invitations to read the Book of Mormon and pray if its true. I love that family and I want them to enjoy the fruit that can be produced if they read the Book of Mormon and gain that witness. We also tracted into another family that was Catholic. We taught them the first lesson and invited them to be baptized. The Spirit was so strong and in the lesson we explained what baptism was and how we make a covenant with God. Carlos the Father says (after I have invited him) "I have already been baptized when I was a little baby" then he waits a second. Then he says "I don't even remember being baptized and didn't know that I made a covenant". Right then and there I know the Holy Ghost was working on them. They accepted Baptism and to read and pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. It was Awesome! I notice when I teach with the spirit and when I don't. When I don't I am going million miles per hour saying things that just don't make sense. ha ha. I don't have great communication skills ha ha. But when I am teaching by the spirit I am calm talking ever so clearly like the words just flow. I am so grateful that I can recognize the spirit and I know when to change my attitude so that i can teach by the spirit.
I had the opportunity to go see a member who is very depressed and down. Her only child that she has taken care of herself left to go on a mission a month ago. She did not want him to leave her and was having a tough time coping with that depression. She called Bishop Yost and he called us to give her a blessing because she was very sick. Bishop Yost asked me to give a scripture thought that would help her cope and feel peace about her son being on his mission. Right away I thought about King Mosiah and his sons. They wanted to go teach the Lamanites in the land of Nephi. He was worried that if they should go that they would perish. So King Mosiah went and prayed to the Lord. The Lord promised him that his sons will bring many souls unto Christ and that they will be preserved and have eternal Life. After I read that little story she started to cry. The spirit was very strong. I bore my testimony that it is hard to leave your family. To miss a love one (her son) that will be gone for a long period of time. But he is doing the Lords work. He is doing the best thing he could do in the eternal aspect. I told her how much I missed my family and how much I love them but I know that I am being blessed and my family and along with those that God had put in contact to me. I told her the same for her son. I had a very spiritual experience and realized how much the Lord guides us to help others. We gave her a blessing and she felt peace and comfort. That is what the Holy Ghost does. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. That my Heavenly Father through the holy ghost has answered my prayers to know that it is true. That Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. By his Fruit I know. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For his love for me and His Atonement. I am striving to be the best representative of him as I can. This Fast Sunday I bore my testimony and challenged the whole Westpark ward to read the Book of Mormon and to do as Moroni has Said PRAY AND ASK GOD. For those who are reading this blog I am also giving you an invitation to do the same. This book that has changed my life! Love you all have good week!!!!! HOORAY for ISRAEL!!!


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