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Inviting people like crazy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family and Friends,

This week was Good! We were able to refocus and set up a new plan and approach to get some progress with finding and teaching investigators. We have prayed and recieved inspiration to invite all the part member families to hear the discussions. We were able to visit with two sets of families and were able to talk to them and invite them to hear the discussions and explained to them all the blessings that would come if they were unified in the gospel. One of the families is a young Couple that has a baby on the way and I really think the Plan of Salvation will help the husband sincerely seek the truth. So we are excited to start teaching them. Our Preperation day got switched from a Monday to a Wednesday because we were scheduled to go to the Temple!. It was amazing! The temple gives you that spiritual rejuvenation that brings your spirits up and makes you want to be a better missionary. The Spirit is so Strong in God's Temples!!! We have been working with our less active members a ton and it is going really well. We were able to get 5 families to church on Sunday. We are really excited about that! We are doing our best to strenghthen this ward! Here is a cool story. We ran into a man named Joseph a couple of weeks ago. He didn't speak much english and we got his information to go see him. Well, we went by on Saturday to follow up and his son answered the door. He is 20 and his name Is Ilbron. They told us they are from Iran and they are Persian. I was like cool but then they told me that they are Christian Persians. I was like "No Way" that is so cool. Ibron said that while they lived in Iran, christians get persecuted a lot. He said that he couldn't even talk to the girls there that are Muslum without be endangered of getting executed. I was like dang, good thing you are in America! We shared the Book of Mormon with them and explained how it is another Testament of Jesus Christ. How the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. They were so excited to learn more and to get a hold of a Persian Book of Mormon! So we have a scheduled appointment to go see them! I have a really good feeling about them! The whole mission was able to have personal interviews with President Bowen this last week and it was Great! President Bowen is the Best!! All the Missionaries really like him and it is going to be a great year and couple months with him! So misisonary work is going well. Elder Hansen and I are inviting people like crazy to here about the Restored Gospel. All you guys take care. Love all your support!

Elder Brown


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