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The "Legendary" Companionship is Over!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family and Friends,

Well, this week has been memorable. I was able to help an old man cross the street. We tracted into a Bible Study. Joe wants Elder Knight to Baptize him and wants me to confirm him a member of the church when he moves out. Omar, a gangster in the hood, who has been in prison has a baptismal date. Elder Alshangetti from Saudi Arabia is my new companion. Elder Knight and I are splitting. The "legendary companionship" is coming to a end in the Acacia Park Ward of Fullerton.

I will start off with the old man. Elder Knight and I just got out of an appointment and we get into our car. We look up and we see an old Asian man in a wheel chair scooting himself along a busy intersection. Elder Knight and I look at each other and say Yess!!!!!!!! an opportunity to serve. So we go and say, "hey sir you need some help crossing the street?" He puts up his legs and points us forward. So I push him along and we get to the curb. This was the tough part. haha. I pushed him hard into the lip of the curb and the wheel didn't get over and I was like jerking him him around in his seat. I was like sorry sorry! I had to lift him back and I was able to get him over the curb. We asked him if he needed anymore assistance but he said, "I am good". He started to scoot himself with one leg. So it was a cool experience helping an old person cross the street.

So we are tracting and we knock on this door. This guy says come on in. We are like yesssss!!!!!!! We walk in and we go NOOOOO! There are ten people all around with their coffee and tea. So they said that we could share our message and we placed the Book of Mormon in their heart. After we are done, they start pulling out books on how we are a cult and worship the Devil and that we demote Jesus Christ. I felt the Spirit withdraw so fast. Elder Knight and I got to the point where we did not say anything and let them talk the whole time until they were finished. They were waiting to hear what we were going to say back trying to plead our case. All we said was read the Book of Mormon and pray about and left. Man, my testimony builds every time that happens. I know that true Christians would not attack someone like that. I am learning patience and discerning the true thoughts of those that I come in contact with who truly are seeking the truth and have faith they can get an answer from God.

We taught Omar who is 26. I met him with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He has a desire to change and wants to be a better person. He has been in prison for drugs and he just had a baby and he knows now that he is a father and wants to follow Jesus Christ. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and invited him to be baptized on March 5. He accepted and is going to work on learning the Gospel. I am really excited because I know how much the Savior can change his life and bring him true happiness. Elder Knight is bummed that he has to leave.
So Elder Knight is getting transferred to Placentia and we went and said bye to the people we visit. We Saw Joe, who is our investigator, and he was really bummed that Elder Knight was leaving. He told Elder Knight that when he moves out and is able to get baptized that he wants Elder Knight to come back where ever he is at and baptize him. It was really cool to witness that. Elder Knight has been struggling because he hasn't baptized anybody. I told him that he is changing people lives out here and you won't always see the fruit of your labors but you are producing good things. So having Joe say that for Elder Knight I think gave him the confidence for his next area. Elder Knight and I have gone through a lot here. I have never been attacked by the adversary so much. But we have grown so much. My Testimony is so strong. Elder Knight is one of my favorite companions and I am going to miss him a ton.

Elder Alshengetti is my new Companion. I went on exchanges with him while I was in Irvine and he is a stud! He was born in Saudi Arabia and is half Saudi Arabian. His Conversion story is amazing and in the next emails I will tell you it. He is an amazing Elder that has been out twice as long as me and I am really excited. Elder Schwenke, who I was in the MTC with, was his last companion. So I am excited to continue to improve my skills as a representative of the Lord and continue to rely on Him.

Elder Knight and I are going our separate ways. The Ward is so sad, they called us the "LEGENDARY COMPANIONSHIP" ha ha. So this chapter is coming to an end but a new one is in progress in the book of the ANAHEIM MISSION.

I Love you all and I love Letters!!!!!


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