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Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Family and Friends,

I have been bless to find a family that wants to hear the words and teachings of the Gospel. Lia and her children are open to everything and ask many questions. We taught them twice this last week and taught them about baptism and how important it is and the significance. They understood why we wanted them to be baptized and make those covenants with Heavenly Father. We then taught them the first half of the Plan of Salvation and about Gods plan for us. We taught them about the Atonement and Bobi Rush (our wonderful ward missionary) invited them to church to see why we take the Sacrament. They were so excited we showed them a picture of a congregation in sacrament meeting and Sebastian the 9 year old said "We have to dress like that!" We told them just to wear their nicest clothes and he looks down and says "this is my nicest shirt!' and it was a blue monster shirt so we laughed. We went to different families in the ward to see if they had any clothes that their kids grew out of and the Remington and the Yost family got us some white shirts for this little family. We surprised them Saturday and gave it to them and Lia was so happy and Avaro was to. But Sebastian has a phobia of button up shirts with collars and it being "to tight".(Ha ha that is how I was as a little kid). They came to church the next day and they looked like a happy family besides Sebastian. Lia was fellowshipped and I think she felt safe and had a good time. After we talked to Avaro and he said he loved it and was so happy (he is seven). But Sebastian said they made him sing in primary and started to cry to his mom. So there were ups and down. ha ha. I am just praying that Sebastian will grow to love church. They are our only investigators that are progressing. We have found a lot of potential investigators but its so hard to get a hold of them. Every one is at work all day until 5pm then everyone goes to bed at like 8:00pm in Irvine. So we only have a two hour window to see people on a regular basis. Because we eat Dinner at 5 or 6pm. Let me tell you something, I have had some amazing food. I have been introduced to a lot of new foods. I had Banberry Pie at Poly's Pies and it is now my new favorite dessert! Nothing beats it! It is the best, I want it right now as I speak!!!! I also have been going out to eat at a Restaurant called "Claim Jumper" and oh Boy!!! It is really good but expensive. Let's just say I have been spoiled. I ate dinner at Ali Reza's house and he made Kabobs and Tedic. A Persian cuisine and it was amazing. Tedic means bottom of the bowl. It is basically rice but there is this stuff on the bottom that make it "da BOMB"!! Then I tried Persian Yogurt. Nastiest thing I have eaten here. Lets just say I gagged. Its plain yogurt with cucumber and dill pickles in it and ya, Joshy NO Likey!! I put some on the plate and Ali said "Elder Brown, eat the rest of the food on your plate" I looked down at a huge dollop of that yogurt and a little bit of rice. And I looked up and grinned and said I would love to eat the rest of it and I pounded it down, so ya that has been my experience with Persian foods. We have found a lot of them and they are very interested in learning more about the Church. An experience I had tracting was we went to this one home. We knocked on this house and a Indian woman answered the door. We asked her if she wanted to hear a message of Jesus Christ. She was kind of tentative looking back. Then I see a man in the back ground shewing us with his hand to leave. I asked him whats wrong. Then he pushed, I assume his wife, out of the way and walked onto the porch shutting the door behind him asking what do we want. We told him we were teaching people about Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon. He looked at us and snatched a Book of Mormon out of Elder Bannister's hand and grabbed it like he was going to rip it then instead tried to steal my Book of Mormon ha ha. Picture this guy trying to steal my precious book and pushing him off me. Then he backed away knowing i would not let him take it and he yelled, "Only Bible and Jesus Christ". We told him that he can have that Book of Mormon and call us if he wants another one. ha ha. Then he started bashing on us. I was getting really mad I was about to say something but Elder Bannister looked at him and said "You know what have a nice day"! We turned and left and I was impressed on how Elder Bannister was able to smother him with Love. HA HA CRAZY Day. I have been riding my bike constantly. I have holes in my pants already from riding it and dogs chasing us down. Makes it an adventure. ha ha. I am having some good experiences. Highs and Lows. This is how time goes on a mission. Elder Bannister and I have a new saying " The days are Long, the weeks are fast, the months are faster, and years don't exist" Ha Ha its true. Just working hard and trying to do our best to find as many people to and invite them to come unto Christ.

Elder Brown


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