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November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family and Friends,

A lot of people are asking me what the weather is like ... ....... When I got to Cali, skies were black and it was raining. It did that for a a couple days probably in the 60's. Then October 27 the Santa Ana winds came in. Hot Air just blew on us first day, 92 degrees. Second day 100 third day 96 degrees. Ya a lot different than Utah. I was on a bike all day with my black back pack. My whole entire shirt was soaked with sweat. So embarrassed going to appointments being drenched. Luckily that just lasted three days and its in the 70's. Best kind of weather. So it has been good. Tuesday I had my first zone conference. We started at 8 am and went until 4 pm. Ya a long time to sit still but it was good. ha ha. Elder Gibbons of the 70's came and talked to us on how we can perfect the missionary work. He has a talk in the October 2009 edition in the Ensign. Spectacular man who knows his stuff. ha ha. Taught us how to use the members more for missionary work and to remind them that they made a covenant to build the kingdom of God. We just have to help them as missionaries to understand and how to do that. I have learned that it is good to be bold and sometimes I think I am too bold with people but its good to stand for what you believe in and let the spirit testify the truth through your words. I learned a lot!!! I had my first exchange on Wednesday Nov. 10 and I went over to the Chinese Elder's Place. I thought with exchanges you just went after all your studies. Actually you sleep there the night before. I was kind of weirded out that another man was going to be sleeping in my bed so we decided to take our sheets and everything. Didn't want his slobber on my pillow you see. ha ha. I went to stay with Elder Kim who is from Korea. He is 23 years old and went to BYU before he left for his mission. Luckily, we got the car so I was able to get a break from the bike. The next day I backed him out and then get in the car. Never seen Elder Kim drive before. I guess he didn't drive that much in Korea or when he was going to school. We get going and HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! It was like a fifteen year old driving a car for the first time getting his learners permit!! Accelerating to fast, braking fast, turning really slow. It was bad! All the unskillful ways of driving. I felt like a Drivers Ed teacher with out any control to brake if needed. We had a GPS and we had to go pick up mail and supplies in Newport beach. We needed to get to the Stake Center on Bonita Canyon right next to the Temple. It's suppose to be a fifteen minute drive and well it takes us thirty minutes. HA. Elder Kim didn't know how to merge over into a lane. He didn't check blind spot or used a blinker. The GPS took us on the freeway for some reason and I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes. Almost got in a accident two or three times. I prayed and thanked the Angels who were on our side. ha. We get off the freeway. Elder Kim laughs and says that was his first time on the freeways. Ha ha. California freeway, first time doesn't know how to drive, cars honking at us flipping us off the whole kaboot!!!!! We finally get there taking many detours. He wouldn't let me drive because he said that he is older and the senior companion and said that he needs to get better. SO I let him and through out the day he did get better. I met a lot of Chinese people, didn't understand anything. ha ha. I got in a bible bash with a born again Christian. I was holding my own. ha ha. Then I saw the spirit wasn't there and I had to testify and then said I had to go and he kept talking so we just left. Ya, so my first exchange is pretty memorable. ha ha. I also have two new people with baptismal dates for December 4 and we had to move back Lia and her kids date back to December 18. So we will have 5 Baptisms before the year is over. Our goal for our mission is to get 600 baptisms in a year. We are at 408 so its going to be a white December folks. Love you all hope all is well!! GOOD DAY!

Elder Brown


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