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Miracles have not ceased!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Family and friends,

  This week was really fun a lot of good things happened.  We were
able to finally get a hold of some investigators that we have not been
able to meet with for a couple weeks.  We were able to teach Cathy a
wonderful lady that is married to a member.  We are working on her
testimony of the Book of Mormon and committed her to read it every day
with her husband.  She accepted and was really excited to do that.  We
are really excited as she came to church with us this Sunday.
 Last week we were riding our bikes down Paseo Westpark and we made 
goal that we would talk to everyone that we see.  We see this chinese
lady walking her dog on the sidewalk.  So we stop her and tell her
who we are.  We explained that our message is centered on Jesus
Christ.  We got her name and it is Rachel and she is from China.  She
said she would love to meet with us and learn about God.  Well we
called her up and she showed up to an appointment at the church!  I
was so happy!  That is very rare to get a lesson out of street
contacting.  She grew up in china and was taught that there is no such
thing as God.  We helped her understand the nature of God.  How he
created and loves us.  We shared the Restoration.  I have never
taught a lesson to someone that has zero religious back ground.  The
spirit was so strong.  The First vision proved to be powerful like it
always is.  We asked her how she felt.  She said, "I believe its true".
It was a great lesson.  We were able to pass her to the Mandarin
Elders as she speaks better Chinese then English.  She is going to get
baptized.  We exercised our faith in finding and the Lord literaly put
some one in our path.  I was able to go on exchanges with Elder
Leonard.  He is the funniest kid ever.  So he is from Mobile, Alabama,
but he grew up in England for most his life.  He is speaking
Vietnamese in the Vietnamese branch.  So a Southerner speaking
Vietnamese in a British accent.  Pretty sweet!!! haha.  I love this
Elder we had a good time.  I was there for their English class they
had for all vietnamese people in Garden Grove.  I was amazed at how
big the classes were.  They have 70 students and there are 4 Elders in
their young 20's teaching these huge classes.   That is a lot of
responsibility.  So I had a good time attempting to teach all these
people English.  It was crazy fun.  Helped them pronounce words, it was
a great experience.   I am amazed at how many vietnamese people are
here in Garden Grove!  It is like little Saigon.  The rest of the day
we were in the Long beach mission finding vietnamese investigators. 
 It is so weird to leave the mission.  I had a great time.  Missionary work in
different languages is totally different then english.
 It was a great week, really enjoyed serving the Lord.  It went by so
fast.  Miracles have not ceased my friends.  Press forward with
steadfastness in Christ and see the blessings shower upon you.

Elder Brown


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