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Pumped and Excited!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Family & Friends,
   Well this week was great as we have been focusing on finding new investigators that are truth seekers like Joseph Smith.   We are able to knock on doors and get a couple return appointments each day.  But the only frustrating thing that happens is they fall through 80% of the time.  It is hard.   You get all pumped up to teach some one new who is ready to hear the restored Gospel then you get there, they are a no show or just to busy.  Well, l we have been absolutely blessed.  I use to get discouraged when this would happen over and over.  Being out for this long it is just part of the game.  Well, I decided to pray to my Heavenly father that Elder Herron and I will find some investigators that are sincerely looking for the truth.  We had a lesson scheduled with a couple, Glen & Michelle.  We went in and they already had the Book of Mormon open and they have been reading.  I was like no way.  They said that they have been looking for the right church and they found this Book of Mormon in a retirement home that they worked at.  I was like YESSSSSS.  Prayer Answered!!!!  We taught them the Restoration and answered a lot of questions that they had.  They were very happy about the answers they received and the scriptures that backed it up.   They came to church this Sunday and they have a baptismal date for June 30th.  They are solid!!!!!  I am so happy.  When this happened we didn't know what was happening with transfers.  I wanted to stay so bad.  I thought I was going to get released as District Leader but I am staying exactly where I am atl with Elder Herron.  So staying in South Coast for another Month! Oh YA.  We also got another investigator that I am really happy about.  We invited a recent convert to invite someone to hear the missionary discussions.   He asked his girlfriend and bam we taught her and she accepted baptism also.  I love missionary work.   Love seeing the miracles that happen every day!  I know this is the sprint to the finish line and I am so pumped and excited.  I love you all have a good Memorial Day.  Happy Birthday Dad.  Want to give you a shout out and want you to know I Love you. ;) 
Elder Brown


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